Ian Smith Christmas: Missing Since Saturday

Trending up on top of list is the name Ian Smith Christmas. Who is he by the way and what happened to him?

To obtain information this particular name, I decided to Google it up. Here’s what I found out. Ian Kramer Smith Christmas is a 21 year old student of William and Mary and has graduated salutatorian of his class in Stafford County‚Äôs Brooke Point High School. He was reported to be missing since Saturday.

A friend of him has reported that he was last seen at around 9:30 pm of Saturday in the 800 block of Westgate Circle. He’s 6-feet tall, weighs 150 pounds, has green eyes and blond hair. He may be driving a silver Ford Taurus with a Virginia license plate, YPC-9783.

For any information about him or his whereabouts, the William & Mary Police Department is expecting your call at 221-4596.

3 thoughts on “Ian Smith Christmas: Missing Since Saturday

  1. Ian Kramer Smith-Christmas, the missing William & Mary student was found yesterday in a hotel parking lot inside of his car at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. He was deceased. I’ve not seen this reported anywhere as of yet. Contact the Virginia Beach police department for more information.

  2. No Joe(wiseguy), his mother’s first name is not Mary. Her last name is Smith-Christmas (I have known her for many years). I pray that someday you learn the concept of tact. Though this is the internet and you may be able to anonymously be more confident than in your real life, you comment is completely immature considering the circumstances.
    Ian was an amazing soul who is missed by thousands. Though his body is no longer in this world, his spirit lives on through the many lives he touched. Rest in peace.

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