I Write Like… David Foster Wallace

I tried this new tool that has been causing a major buzz on the internet for the last couple of days, “I Write Like”. I pasted a whole blog entry in the box (but you can choose to paste just a few paragraphs) clicked submit and the result said I write like David Foster Wallace.

Cool! But who is David Foster Wallace? Let me google him up before anyone stones me to death for being such a literary ignoramus. Hey, I read a different genre of books… more on the self-help and finance related titles. Think Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki and Rhonda Byrne type of books.

Anyway, I checked out the other blog entries of people who have tried their hand with the I Write Like “analyzer” and I did find one who was clever enough to post writings of well-known authors just to see if the analyzer will be accurate enough to identify them based on their own writings. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

Based on this blogger’s experiment, I Write Like correctly identified 14 of 30 classic authors, thus giving it an accuracy rating of (only) 47%.

So much for all that buzz. Paul, the Psychic Octopus, had a far better batting average of 7 for 7… that’s a whopping 100%.

However, if you just want the simple joys of knowing (and believing) that you write like famous author, go and give I Write Like a try.

8 thoughts on “I Write Like… David Foster Wallace

  1. Said I write like david foster wallace as well. I logged out then back on and put 2 or 3 samples of writing in the box and I got back David Foster Wallace every time. I’d never heard of him.

  2. I made three entries of two paragraphs each. All six paragraphs were continuous and more or less identical stylistically. The first entry pegged me to James Joyce, the second to Steven King and the third to David Foster Wallace. I suspect those may be the only authors that pop up.

    1. I am afraid I too write like David Foster Wallace, who committed suicide by hanging a couple of years ago. Oh my god, am I really that depressed?

  3. david foster wallace is perhaps the most insightful and innovative writer the world has seen in a long time, certainly the best in the last 50 years…

    committed suicide in ’08. RIP.

  4. Once again, I find disappointment. Once again, I find no satisfaction. Once again, I find that General Motors is basically a bad organization. Let me begin by saying that General Motors has come up with proven methods to repeat the mistakes of the past. All you have to do is let your guard down. General Motors shouldn’t make today’s oppressiveness look like grade-school work compared to what it has planned for the future. That’s just common sense. Of course, the people who appreciate its jibes are those who eagerly root up common sense, prominently hold it out, and decry it as poison with astonishing alacrity. General Motors’s behavior is beneath contempt. And that’s why I say to you: Have courage. Be honest. And give you some background information about General Motors. That’s the patriotic thing to do, and that’s the right thing to do. I sent this paragraph to I Write Like as did Jennifer I have written like this forever and never could compare my self to David F Wallace? I do drink a lot but hey thats why I’m 50. here’s to David gin&tonic and Yorick.

    1. I too submitted a blog entry and got David Foster Wallace, and somehow I’ve missed this guy all these years (probably too busy thinking about myself, as he warned against in his commencement speech which I have now read). Before I sound like I’m flattering myself, let me just say that with only a cursory glance at his writing he is obviously way smarter and a way better writer than I will probably ever even want to be. Frankly, that kind of talent takes more work than I have the patience for. However I do look forward to reading some of his stories, and this site I write like is a lot of fun, especially the first part where it told me I write like Chuck Norris.

  5. Does this mean I write depressing articles? Thanks to those who shared insights on who David Foster Wallace is. Knowing he was insighful and innovative as a writer more than makes up for the sad part that he committed suicide.

    Still I am scared to be compared to him. Can’t I be Rhonda Byrne instead (minus the not so appealing hairstlye)? Hehehe. 🙂

  6. How funny. It, too, said I write like David Foster Wallace, Never heard him until now. According the wikipedia, he’s best remembered today for his novel “Infinite Jest”. The storyline sounds good!

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