“I Like It On” Facebook Breast Cancer Campaign Becoming Popular

If you happen to notice that some women in Facebook has posting status with the phrase “I Like It On”. Some are following the statement with floor, table, closet. A lot might have been curious what do these phrases mean. This is just a campaign of Facebook for the Breast Cancer Patients and for the mission to raise awareness.

The phrase is actually an answer to the question to where would women would like to place their purse and not to their favorite places to make love. You really can’t avoid that some people might be thinking about the latter statement as majority of Facebook users that are having the status are women.

The phrase has been very catchy that after your friends would read it, they would surely ask about it. That’s the time that you be sharing the reason behind it. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of women are using this meme as a campaign to raise awareness for cancer research.

Last January, a similar campaign also happened. During that time, bra color status updates started dominating newsfeeds worldwide, again to raise awareness for breast cancer. Campaigns like this should be one of the priorities of the social networking sites.

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