HR 2499 Puerto Rico Democracy Act Update

Here’s an update about the world famous act in Puerto Rico known as HR2499. There is a move to push the country Puerto Rico to become the 51st state in the United States. Known as “HR 2499” or the “Puerto Rico Democracy Act”, the bill is opposed by a lot of Puerto Ricans.

Puerto Rico is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands. Since 1970, HR 2499 has been opposed by Puerto Ricans three times already.

HR 2499 has both its pros and cons for both Americans and Puerto Ricans. For one, this Puerto Rico Democracy Act lets Puerto Ricans continue to enjoy their commonwealth status which allows them to enjoy the protection and freedoms and even financial benefits of the United States without paying federal income taxes.

However, there are also problems if this HR 2499 bill will be pushed through making Puerto Rico a full state of the US. The first is that of creating a bilingual country with the addition of an almost completely Spanish-speaking state. I mean how many people from Puerto Rico can really speak English?

Second is the problem of reassigning some seats in the U.S. House of Representatives to Puerto Ricans. This means that there will be some states who gets deprived of the seat because of the congressionally-mandated 435 seat cap.

What’s your view to this HR 2499 bill? Are you a pro or against to it?

58 thoughts on “HR 2499 Puerto Rico Democracy Act Update

  1. As a 55 year-old man of Puerto Rican heritage, I have some thoughts to contribute regarding the issue of the improved political status of the country of Puerto Rico, its people and its unique culture:

    1 – Puerto Ricans have shared their noble spirit of faith and pride in God, in themselves and in their fellow man before, during and after Christopher Columbus’ encounter with the “Rich Port” aka Puerto Rico aka Boriken, “Land of the Noble People”.

    2 – Puerto Ricans are a world race of all primary colors. Think about it: white (Europeans); Black (Africans); and Red and Yellow (Indigenous People by-way-of-the northern ice bridge from what is now China into Alaska, down through Northern, Central and South America and, then, up the chain of Caribbean islands known as the Lesser and Greater Antilles. We are a modern day expression of ALL God’s children. We are YOU.

    3 – We have always cared about you. We want you to care about us.

    4 – A new paradigm is at hand regarding the options for Puerto Rico’s status. We are living in a greatly changed world. New eyes can see the new world that has developed around us where old eyes have failed. The old arguments for and against statehood and independence for Puerto Rico need to be reassessed. Look at what happened to Hawaii as a historical reference point. Do you REALLY understand how Hawaii became a state and under what conditions? An honest investigation will help you appreciate the tensions that have been subjected upon many of the world’s most peace-loving, yet, strong-willed people. Nonetheless, what happened to Hawaii doesn’t necessarily translate into what would happen to Puerto Rico today given that we are living in a more open society. Puerto Ricans COULD safeguard their cultural identity and language should they choose statehood, whereas, Hawaiians essentially lost the common everyday use of their great Hawaiian language and a great deal of thyeir culture when it became the 50th state in the union.

    5 – The old argument that an independent Puerto Rico would break all ties with the U.S. is a far cry from reality. Puerto Rico has 112 years of strong social and economic developments with the United States just as it had over 400 years of cultural heritage with Spain. The talented people of Puerto Rico are prepared to maintain good mutually beneficial relations with the great country that has for over a century been regarded as its big brother. Maintaining our excellent working relationship with new millennium strategies would ensure that both countries progress with mutual respect and dignity should the people of Puerto Rico opt for a new political and economic alignment with the United States.

    6 – The U.S. and the world at large are in economic crisis. Conventional wisdom would argue that this is not the time for a breakthrough in fundamental fairness for a country that simply wishes to prove once again to the world that it has always wanted to share its noble spirit and talents with the world as long as Puerto Ricans themselves finally were free to pursue their own destiny as a unique country. Puerto Ricans dream of the day when, as free people, they can join their big brother on the same playing field and prove their mettle without offending those who wield great power over less advantaged countries just because they can. Given the new world we live in, a new political consensus in Puerto Rico could very well become the guiding light for a more peaceful and prosperous world. As goes Puerto Rico, so goes the world.

  2. Alex. GReat JOB! clap clap clap clap clap

    Let them vote on their own to be a State, but the GAMES!

    Changing the available voting options and messaging the questions to get a certain answer, so that the next follow up vote, the questions push into a targeted answer is Crap politics – we are all sick of it on both sides.



  3. Many Americans do not know simple facts about PR and cannot realize that an injustice to Puerto Ricans is an injustice to all Americans. P.R. is a U.S. territory. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. The population is about 4 million. The United States is a Free Democracy. These 4 million US citizens cannot vote for their president if they are residents of PR. If a New Yorker moves to PR and establishes residency in this US territory he cannot vote for the president of the US. But if that same resident from New York MOVES TO VENEZUELA,RUSSIA,CUBA,OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY, THEN HE CAN VOTE FOR THE US PRESIDENT. HR 2499 is an urgent matter for all US citizens. PLEASE HELP yourself by helping us END THE COLONIAL STATUS.

    1. The United States is a federation composed of states; only states can be represented in the Senate and vote for the United States President. If you are not a citizen of one of the United States you cannot vote to elect the President of the United State. If you want independence vote for it, don’t fear; Puerto Rico will be ok. You are already the riches island in the Caribbean.

  4. There is question about Puertoricans are able to speak English? Of course yes. There many Puertoricans and latinos that move to the States and learn english in the public school. Learning and leaguage is a process. Latinos specialy know more english that americans know spanish.

    Puerto Rico graduates more undergraduates students percapita than any other State.
    Puerto Rico enlist more men in the armed forces percapita than any other state.

    Rigth now we are second class citizens of the U.S. We want to be first class citizens of the American nation. Do you remember how King George treat you? John Adams before join the revolution, he was loyal to England and claimed to be treat like any other English citizen.

    The U.S is a country an the leader in democracy. That’s why the Congress support HR 2499. They want that the people of Puerto Rico choose their Status.

    Some americans are say: Puerto Rico is ok with the commonwealth Congress is wasting time. I say no. Congress is letting us the choice to choose.

    Puerto Ricans Soldiers want to choose their Commander in Chief.

    If you concern is that always the Democrat will win in Island you are wrong. The day the democrats make a mistake the next President will be Republican.

    I think the few americans dont want for Puerto Rico the Statehood because they are like: Lenin and Hitler

    For those that support Puerto Rico to became a statehood God bless you and for those dont want tha for PR, bless you to.

  5. I’m Puertorican by birth on our island.I have lived in USA 40 yrs now,age 57. Im US Army 40% service connected disabled veteran.As i understand there’s 2 sides to every story. If i understand correctly,the United States doesn’t have an offical language as provided in the constitution.Nor are Puertoricans guaranteed U.S.citizenship that can’t be removed.A good read is territoral clauses of United States,and territoral clauses of Puerto Rico. I’m not going to argue Law here tho my friends.My thought for what it’s worth,let all the brothers @ sisters of Puerto Rico( on and off the island) have our vote! if we decide to come your statehood, then the people can decide (thru there congress)if they want to accept us as the 51 State,,,Flag makers back to work.Dont ever say that were sorry ,less than , or undeserving of statehood.We have given alot ,music ,fine ladies,4 MEDAL OF HONORs to this Great country the US of A…. I have 4 daughters 1 son here also.3 girls have BS in nursing and working 1 girl teaching and 1 minor son 14 that could make yho(my wish)the NBA.,who says we can;t jump. I’m preparing plans to go back there to DIE, and i’ll do so as a PUERTORICAN and an AMERICAN so open your heart and minds,lets all of us vote our choices and my GOD BLESS us ALL. AMEN

    1. If you all want full membership such as the right to vote for president then become a state. However, I have given up on Puerto Rico and would like to see Honduras to have the opportunity to become a territory and then a state. We the US need fresh blood; we need a new state that is proud of their culture and jealous of their to run their own state affairs to help us safe guard our own rights.

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