HR 2499 Places Puerto Rico Under Statehood

There is a move to push the country Puerto Rico to become the 51st state in the United States. Known as “HR 2499” or the “Puerto Rico Democracy Act”, the bill is opposed by a lot of Puerto Ricans.

Puerto Rico is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands. Since 1970, HR 2499 has been opposed by Puerto Ricans three times already.

HR 2499 has both its pros and cons for both Americans and Puerto Ricans. For one, this Puerto Rico Democracy Act lets Puerto Ricans continue to enjoy their commonwealth status which allows them to enjoy the protection and freedoms and even financial benefits of the United States without paying federal income taxes.

However, there are also problems if this HR 2499 bill will be pushed through making Puerto Rico a full state of the US. The first is that of creating a bilingual country with the addition of an almost completely Spanish-speaking state. I mean how many people from Puerto Rico can really speak English?

Second is the problem of reassigning some seats in the U.S. House of Representatives to Puerto Ricans. This means that there will be some states who gets deprived of the seat because of the congressionally-mandated 435 seat cap.

What’s your view to this HR 2499 bill? Are you a pro or against to it?

17 thoughts on “HR 2499 Places Puerto Rico Under Statehood

  1. This is just another land/money/vote grab by our politically corrupt government. They have already voted NO on the 3 attempts made by this Marxist group. Is it not amazing how low some politicians will go to screw the public… Upon reading this atrocious bill and the word games they are playing with in it they make it sound oh so wonderful. If you say anything against it you will be called a racist, OR someone against Democracy. Yet it is still nothing but an evil ploy to fool the Puerto Rican people into coming under full U.S. jurisdiction. Meaning THEY CAN NOW BE CHARGED FEDERAL INCOME TAX. money money money. Are our low life politicians sneaky or not, they sure are and good at it too.

  2. I’d be for it, if the people of Puerto Rico are. I guess it would depend on how the people who live there feel about it. I don’t see the Spanish speaking as a problem as the US has tons of Spanish speaking people.

  3. I live in Puerto Rico. This issue will continue for a 4, 5 or how many times it takes. President Obama sent a committee this year to PR for heard from us what we want or need, but they receive a clear message, we want a change. Yes we have our government and have benefits, but we are a territory. We have US federal laws, we fight at US wars, we are US citizens, we work with US classified programs, but we can’t vote for a president and we don’t have any congressman for be heard in decisions that affect us or our vote for help or defend other states ideals.

    We feel OK with English as the official government language, but give us time for educate our kids, change the language of the local laws prepare our layers and representatives. This will take years, but it can be done. Spanish will not be lost, if you visit Miami try your Spanish, it’s spoken in the streets and for make business and English is the official language, I feel in Miami like in home but love the island where I live.

    Being a state will not mean that the 100% of Federal government funds be assigned to us immediately making worse the US economy, we don’t want that. We already receive a lot of these funds, it’s OK if the funds are equally given in steps and years, it’s part of a process but our next generation will benefit of it. Also I don’t feel OK of we receiving US federal funds without paying US Federal taxes like now, it’s not fair for the other states.

    We want to be part of something, independence is not a option for us because we know what will happen in our economy and in our government. It will be a disaster. I wish there are more options for our decision on the table like be part of the European Union or any other democratic Union, for make others see that our wishes are to be part of a group of states or a nation where we have a vote and they care about us, not just a territory won in a war a hundred years ago with a sale sign, this is how we feel and if the congress don’t heard us and in a local vote the statehood won and we need to make our self heard making the same Tennessee do for becoming a state, this will what the US and the world view from us and is not a secret that our government already have this as a backup plan.

  4. I don’t think we should have them as a 51st state if they don’t want to be. If they wanted to – I’d totally support this. However – this is equivalent to forcefully adopting someone when they have no intention on being adopted.

    I would vote to let them make the ultimate decision, and abide by it, as the US.

  5. I notice that the US is only good to give Puerto Rico financial help and food stamps and the extras, but the local PR tax is more than any state and the local Gov do not like to be come state because our low life politicians are sneaky and been the way we are they can rob our people.

  6. If this is such a great thing, why sneak it in without anyone knowing about it? Let us have an open debate before making such a dramatic change to our country.

  7. To answer the question ow many people from Puerto Rico can really speak English? You would be surprised how many. Just because it is not the first language does not mean it is not spoken. Did you know there are more Puertorriqueños living and working on the mainland (USA) than here on the island? Puertorriqueños boast a large number of veterans who proudly serve and the love the US. You see to some it is about money , to some it is about power, to the normal Puertorriqueño is about freedom and the right to choose destiny, and what is best for my children. Reducing the clutter around the statehood or independence question would actually be helpful. The votes have not been so much against statehood as the votes get spread over so many questions it is unlikely to every get a true result. Thus just answer none of the above and keep living life.
    Reducing the available answer and getting to a clear cut vote the results may be surprising.

  8. I think it should have been detailed a little more on how the ballot is changing for this vote. It’s very sneaky.

    The original question on the ballot was “do you want to be a state?”…Yes or No.
    Then there were five sub questions under it on asking what you wanted Puerto Rico to be.

    This time is different. The ballot is asking, “do you want Puerto Rico to maintian it’s current status?” Meaning that they know Puerto Ricans want change, so ofcaorse they will say no to this question. Then, instead of 5 choices, this breaks the subquestions down to 3… “do you want to become a state?”, ” do you want to stop being a commonwealth”, and another question I am not sure of. Something like “none of the above” or something.

    So, this makes it very easy for them to make them a State, without the Puerto Ricans actually voting for that exact position.

    Come on people. Wake up. Easy votes and easy money. Our government is really corrupt and screwed up.

  9. I am personally opposed. Puerto residents have time and again voted against statehood. Why another back door trick? I do believe there are other measures covered under this Bill like giving prisoners the right to vote and giving citizens of the Distrit of Columbia the right to vote. Just another example of a never to be trusted Obama administration. Make no mistake, he is behind this. It is all about creating one party rule ( dictatorship ) in the U.S.

  10. I personally have no objection to Puerto Rico becoming a state. I do believe the Puerto Rican people are being deceived by our current Obama administration which is extremely liberal. It’s progressive liberal and I see from the Puerto Rican government website the people are 48.4% New Progressive Party (NPP) with total 2.4 million voters. It makes sense the Obama administration wants your votes to help maintain power and implement their agenda. The Progressive agenda is for redistribution of wealth from the well off to the poor and also for social justice. These are Marxist ideologies or simply Socialism. It seems from Islanders innocent comments above that the Obama administration is trying to bribe Puerto Ricans with more US funds in order to obtain progressive votes via Puerto Rico’s statehood. Don’t forget all the taxes that you will be liable for. The Obama admin may say there are none but don’t believe it. As with any socialistic country the people are taxed to oblivion and the beneficiaries are the government elite. One more thing, Marxism, Socialism Communism or anything like these ideologies will fail economically. It is historically proven, Marxism fails due to unsustainable economics. You will loose all your freedoms too for the government will then know what is best for you and your life and force it on you. It is already happening here in the US.

  11. Bad idea. More rich gringos will move to PR and buy up all the real estate, and more local PR’s will be taxed off the island and flood the mainland for higher income prospects.

  12. This bill is a trick – Puerto Ricans have voted 3 times (1967, ’93, ’98). “Do you want to be a state?” They voted “No”

    In 1998 the questions were:
    1) Limited self government
    2) Free Association
    3) Statehood
    4) Sovereignty
    5) None of the above

    They chose 5) None of the above

    They say this bill is non-binding but a “yes” vote will force a vote in Puerto Rico.

    The Progressives want statehood and social justice (social justice provided by the government = redistribution of wealth = Marxism). They will be tricking the voters by offering a false choice in the questions on the ballet.

    This time the 1st question: Do you want to maintain the current status?

    Since most people are never satisfied with status quo, the majority vote will be “No”.

    Then they will give them 3 options to vote on – conveniently removing the “None of the above” which forces them to choose one of the following.
    1) Statehood
    2) Full independence
    3) Modified Common Wealth

    In the past, the least popular were the last 2 options which got 3% of the vote so this pushes them to vote for Statehood.

    I have no problem if the Puerto Ricans want to vote on statehood and become a state, but not in this deceitful way.

  13. Why you are talking about? What kind of journalist you are? That are the question we should ask.

    The socioeconomic model of the Commonwealth with the US does not work anymore period. Due mostly to the elimination of the section 936. Moreover, the current status is a colonial one and for that reason it can not last forever.

    Bullshit with the English thing. What about Hawaii?

    Puerto Rico does not have democracy! We are stuck economically thanks to the USA!

    And naive journalist, yes we pay MOST of the Federal Taxes!

  14. Can we please stop making this a Democrat and Republican issue, I am Puerto Rican and a proud REPUBLICAN. First off, Puerto Rico is very conservative to the point, where Bush might be considered a liberal on the island. Obama should think again if this is his idea of gaining more votes further more, even if we elect to become a state tomorrow it will take at least 10yrs of transition. In addition, we would not be the drain economically some of you have mentioned. We have ample taxing in Puerto Rico and with a state restructured tax program, we can grow significantly. The real issue is the island has been goverened by all the political agendas in Washington and never has had a vote or been able to provide on opinion on any issue. We are your 4 biggest harbor and connection to central and latin american, we need you as you need us. Yes it has has been voted down, but check the numbers the last 2 votes were evenly split in the middle, no, won at 51% while yes lost 49% and this was 12 yrs ago! The people on the island have to be moved/inspired, giving them the status quo is not the answer, and this vote will start the process for change and deciding once and for all where we will be heading.

  15. This issue is one that already is covered under Federal Statute-Territories shall petition to become States, and it would be done by Popular Vote- not forced on people that do not want it—Let the Puerto Ricans decide not Obama,mama ding dong, Princess Pelosi, or Prince Harry….

  16. KPuertoRico, I agree with your statement, the issue we have is that many fellow Americans don’t understand the political/economical link between the U.S and P.R.

  17. Silentnomore… What do you think happen when Hawaii was asked if they wanted to be a State? Now I am not saying that we should deceit people! In order to once and for all solve the political issue of Puerto Rico, the referendum need to ask question that provide true none colonial option. To ask the people if they want to have a change in the political relationship with the U.S is not deceitful, nor will it be to have another plebiscite to elect among none colonial formula: Independence, Statehood or Sovereignty in Association with the U.S.
    Please don’t say that PR can’t fully integrated because is a Spanish country, what about California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii and Alaska (they all share a common language problem) yet they are all fully integrated.

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