How HTML5 vs. Flash will change the internet

The battle between HTML5 and Flash to be the main multimedia option amongst internet users looked at first to be one in which there could only be one winner. Back when Apple made its decision to go with HTML rather than Flash Player on its range of devices Flash had an almost total dominance of the marketplace, but in the years since then this has become much closer. So what exactly does the ongoing battle between the two of these media platforms mean for the way we use the internet?

At the moment Flash player still dominates when it comes to the gaming market, which is one of the most significant areas of competition between the two because there are currently a lot more games available that are compatible with Flash player than HTML5. However this is not likely to remain the case forever, and HTML5 offers significant advantages when it comes to much of the media involved in gaming – like graphics, animation and video – because it allows them to be supported directly on a website rather than requiring an external download. This is already leading many of the online casino sites such as to adopt HTML5 for their mobile casino sites, and the comparative lack of technical glitches like crashing arguably makes HTML5 the more viable option for online casino games like poker in the long term.

Indeed, just as mobile sites are considered a better option than apps for those internet-based companies looking to move into the new market because they offer fewer entry barriers than apps that require to be downloaded, so HTML5 arguably offers a better and more mobile-compatible option for gaming on the internet than Flash for much the same reason. Thus the advance of HTML5 could well further the process of mobile phones replacing computers as the primary means of gaming on the net.

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