Hot New Actor James Holzier Profiled in The India Times

Holzier is going no way but up! We’ve published an article about him before, and we can’t resist to write about hime again. Holzier has an aura about him and after talking to him, he seems just like anybody else. But, this boy’s life makes you see there is something more about him. And, his status is growing across the world. Australia, The United Kingdom, all have and are covering Holzier. Now, the popular fan favorite and up-n-coming star James Holzier was profiled in The India Times.

The abundance of buzz is accompanying Holzier and is all over the net. The charming and enjoyable actor has fan clubs dedicated to him all over the place it seems, celebrity sites writing about him, and entertainment journalists covering him across the globe.

The support for Holzier is huge. He has girls giggling over his sex appeal. That exudes from his hot and trim body. The paparazzi is tracking Holzier down too. Capturing tons of shots of him; leaving his hotel room, outside his apartment, and numerous other locations.

Shirtless pictures are getting the delight of many. Which were recently taken and shows the talented actors physique. The cut and equally fit actor respectfully tries to keep his girlfriend life private, but as his popularity grows it will be harder to do so.

The India Times covering James Holzier’s growing appeal.

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