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Honda Recall Covers Cars in US and Canada Due to Ignition Switch Issue

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Honda Recall Covers Cars in US and Canada Due to Ignition Switch Issue – Another set of recall is currently being implemented by Japanese car manufacturer Honda.

According to reports, Honda is recalling around 428,000 cars in both United States and Canada. This is due to the possibility that the cars may roll away when parked incorrectly because of an ignition switch issue. A Honda representative said in a statement that “if the ignition interlock mechanism becomes worn out or damaged, it may become possible for the ignition key to be removed while the vehicle is not in park. That could allow the vehicle to unexpectedly roll away and possibly crash.”

In the US, the Honda recall covers 197,000 Accord and 117,000 Civic vehicles from the 2003 model year and roughly 69,000 Element vehicles from the 2003 and 2004 model years. The same situation exists in the 44,000 Honda cars covered by the recall in Canada which also included some Acura 1.7ELs aside from Civic and Accord models.

Honda said in its website that as an owner, if you want to find out if your vehicle is affected by any recall, you can either call Honda Automobile Customer Service at 1-800-999-1009 (press the appropriate option for Campaign information) or you can access information on any campaign affecting your vehicle through Owner Link where you can enter your car’s Vehicle Identification Number or VIN to confirm. For the official press release about Honda’s recall, you can go here.

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