Highlights of the F1 Bahrain Practice Session and Best Laps 2010

Formula 1’s first track is on and the first country where the grand prix will be held is at Bahrain!  Bahrain’s track is really dusty but this is not much challenge for our drivers and teams as they are very accustomed to this already.  Anyway, the latest buzz on the Formula 1 grand prix is here!

There were so many changes from this year and that of 2009 and this is mainly due to the budget cap which caused new teams to join.  Another highlight would be on Schumacher as this will be his first day on track officially again as a driver since 3 years ago when he retired.

Adrian Sutil of Force India had his best lap.  This driver has been showing good performance since the 4th quarter of last year’s championship.  This practice, he proves fastest at 1’56.583.  Schumacher did not do too bad as he placed 10th fastest in the track.  Ferrari seems to be gaining back their crown as Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa placed 2nd and 4th.

For full report and the list of the Best Laps click here.

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