Highlights and Results: Mayweather vs Mosley Fight Replay

One of the most awaited boxing fight this year, the fight between Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather has just been finished. It was held at the usual MGM Grand Garden Arena in the Las Vegas Nevada.

Several boxing superstars and celebrities attended the fight to witness the battle between the two boxing champions! While some people paid for pay-per-view just to watch the live stream event, I was able to watch the Mayweather vs Mosley live stream fight via SOP Cast a while ago. Simultaneously, a lot of people all over the world also watched the free live stream via Justin TV and other online sites.

During the start the of the match, it was full of excitement as Mosley is still fighting against this rude boxer Mayweather. One of the highlights of the event was when Mosley revenged a series of punches to Mayweather. However, during the last rounds of the game, it went to become a boring fight. The two boxing fighters are just hugging each other without much action happening in the boxing ring. That continued in the very last round where Mayweather was finally announced as the winner of the boxing match. So who won Mayweather vs Mosley Fight? Yes, Mayweather won and kept his Welterweight belt.

Well, yeah sure Mayweather again proved that he is still undefeated when it comes to boxing. But how come he is such a coward when it comes to having a boxing match with Pacquiao. Because of this fact, a lot of people called him “gayweather” for not having enough courage to face the Philippines’ pound per pound champion.

I am sure that he will definitely lose. Mayweather has no match to the agility and footwork of Manny Pacquiao. Well, I just hope that there will be indeed a match between the two of them. Prove that you are really indeed the best boxing fighter Mayweather. Face Pacquiao!

Meanhwile, you can look for a replay video of the game in various online sites. If you are looking for the play by play results, some of the best known boxing sites have them.

44 thoughts on “Highlights and Results: Mayweather vs Mosley Fight Replay

  1. “Gayweather” has once again prove people right, true; but that is because he hasn’t faced a real apponent. Mosley was great, but speaking with the truth he is a legend and but at the same time its old. Pacquiao, “Mr.Pacman” its a real challenge for Mayweather and he knows it that’s why hes being a coward and backing up from that fight that everyone is waiting for. Mayweather might be quick and might have style; but, Manny its quick and has power shots! Gayweather when your ready to have a real fight then face Pacquiao!!!

  2. Its clear that whoever wrote that article simply doesnt like Floyd Mayweather. He is just saying opinions and in my OPINION Mayweather would beat and maybe even knock out the Manny Pacquiao because he is smarther and stronger than him. Mayweather also has speed and the people that Pacquiao has recently beat, except his last fight, Mayweathers beaten them earlier in his career

  3. Alright, first off, yea, they were hugging and I was dissapointed. But let it be clear that most people counted on mosely to atleast put up a tremendous fight that tore mayweather up, but that’s wrong. The next fight, against pacquiao, which will definately happen, mayweather will also win. Maybe he won’t give such a huge fight like people hope, but he’ll get it. Pacquiao doesn’t do well in the later rounds even with his given monstrous endurance. He fights like man blasting a machine gun, lots of shots, but also lots of misses. So in the end, it will come down to absolute defense versus absoltute offense, Pretty Boy vs Pacman, and the defense will win. Mayweather has consistently proved that he has the greatest defense despite what people say about him, and he’ll continue to bring it against pacquiao. This will be a cool fight and I predict it will end in decision.

  4. Who ever wrote this you suck for real know your boxers man seriously maywheather is the best and always will be and don’t you for get it!!!!!! When maywheather fights PAC man he will win and remain the chapion I mean PAC man can’t even keep that weight on he has to eat 5 times a day just to try and get close to that weight so do yourself a favor and us and learn to pick your boxers……… P.S how much did you lose because you don’t sound to happy hahaha

  5. Ok the first round was pretty even, both fighters feeling each other out. Second round Mosley hit mayweather with a right that wobbled him and made the crowd go crazy but mayweather regained his composure and finished the round. Third round mayweather had Mosley figured out and it was over from there. Floyd showed not only that he was faster, but stronger and more aggressive. He put on a true boxing clinic and destroyed Shane like I’ve never seen. Pacquiao’s last fight against clottey was horrible! And from what I saw last night mayweather would be just way to much for pacquiao in every way size, strength, and even speed would be floyds advantage. He would make pacquiao really fight his ass off. Love Floyd or hate him you can’t deny he is the best. And after ”if it happens” he beats pacquiao who else can even challenge him. Floyd mayweather Jr is the best fighter in the history of boxing.

  6. You guys have to be kidding me. All of this spouting at the mouth about floyd “ducking” real fighters and pot shoting his way to wins. He banged with shane easily. Not to take anything away from sugar, but he wasn’t even close. Now you want to trash him after that? Give credit where credit is due. He took on the greatest welghterweight of this time and proved. Recognise

  7. If mosley is old so is pac man mosley just lost his heart this fight I’ve never seen him look that bad before pac man has the power and speed to handle money mayweather but can he get past his defense is the question I think so because pac man throws punches from weird and different angles than other boxer which may cause mr money some problems but he will adjust if not it will be his first loss money vs pac man let’s get it!!!

  8. Mayweather did not have a belt nor did he fight for Mosleys Belt . Everybody knows that PacMan is on steroids or some illegal drugs ..When he does the Olympic Style drug test Mayweather will not hesistate to Beat him up …

  9. okay, youre very biased. for one pacquiao is the one that backed out. he is the one that didnt want to take an olympic drug test before the match. obviously hes taking a drug. that is why mosley didnt care to take the drug test because he isnt juicing. you are just a fvckin stupid biased b1tch

  10. you are, truely, the reason that mayweather talks crap! you take his victory against sugar and turn it into something meaningless! so what if the man talks bull about drug test … all in all he beat one of the best welterweights of our time … and it’s really not the fact that he beat him … it’s the fact that sugar couldn’t doing nothing against money may … but the most important fact is that money may has beat everyone, conveniently, that has been put in front of him! … and about pacquioa?!??! seriously? he didn’t want to take a 40 million dollar drug test? I love Manny but what kind of “warrior” hates blood being drawn? so, may doesn’t knock people out … his not rocky … he doesn’t come back at the end … but damn it! he wins to embrass everyone else … and he deserves his just do … so if you really want him to shut up, stop talking crap about the most skilled fighter of our time!

  11. This wasn’t a fight for belts. Neither opponents belts were on the line. This was strictly a money fight. Mayweather got $60 mil and Mosley got $2 mil.

    Mayweather and his investors fight because it makes sense business-wise. For him to fight Pacquiao will draw in more money than ever before – win or lose. So the fight WILL happen.

  12. For all of you that don’t sh*t that’s goin on…mayweather did ask pacman to do a test..Yes Pacman didn’t want to do it BEFORE the fight..if you don’t know..right after you take a blood test your body gets weak.. SOO Pacman agreed to do it AFTER the fight if wanted to..if there is something it will still be in his system….but mayweather still was backing down…so who is the real p*ssy? Think about it.

  13. Well ya wanted the fight with mosley and thought he was gon win and now mayweather prove to ya that he is da best. …..now ya want him to PacMan and of course if ya want to continue losing ya money feel free in doing that cause lately mayweather is not the only one making money, it Also his fans cause his fans winning all da bet….
    lmao that nigga whop him tho 10-2 come on!!…lol hope next fight I keep getting money from ya losers

  14. Okay? haha! Mayweather is soo great he fought a small a$$ Juan Marquez hahaha. Mayweather = All about money.And calling a hardworking man steriod user..i’ve never heard that before haha sounds like an excuse.He even said Mosley is not a BIG Payperview figther when Mosley has more money and has been fighting longer than him hahaha..Mosley/Margarito fight was one of the biggest fight and Please yes i understand about all your opinions and predictions but can u fkn shut up? it doesn’t matter…Manny/Floyd are humans..both are gunna make mistakes who the fk knoes who’s gunna win. Jesus. Mayweather is a great boxer. Mosley is a great boxer but atleast he can take a lost haha.

  15. Is this what journalism has come to, by far one of the worst articles written by someone that knows nothing about the sport

  16. Pacquiao can not beat Shane Mosley. Shane Mosley will kill him. The Pacquiao camp expected the two brothers to cancel themselves out but they’re still here. Novel idea , let Mosely be a litmus test of sorts for both fighters scheduling a fight between Mosley and Pacquiao. I’ll bet odds on a Mosley win. Mosley will kill Pacquiao

  17. Not really sure who wrote this article…..you really dont watch Boxing do you….first of all Floyd is not scared of Manny. He has already said he would fight him and wants to. just simply wants him to take a blood test. Manny is only refusing because he said since he has to go up it would weaken him so close to the fight. ( sounds like he feels mayweather has a strength advantage over him a little bit) and i dont know how long youve been watching boxing or any sport at all… The man is 41-0…he retired the champ ( 4 belts to remind u) and really still is. yeah pacquiao has the belt now…thats because floyd retired…not because manny beat him. O yeah and agility and footwork and superior hand speed is why Mayweather hasnt lost to anyone…Get a clue man….when this fight happens and Mayweather beats him and retires again. Im sure ul come up with some other excuse why ur man Manny lost…..

  18. So money Mayweather Goes in there and Shows the world that regardless who you PLACE in front of him, he’s gonna whoop that ass and somehow we still have HATERS who believe Mayweather isnt the best fighter out there?? like are you serious.. He JUST made a Guy who demolished Margarito look like an Amateur. Pacquiao honestly has never fought anyone with the pure defensive and mental ability of Floyd’s. Mayweather can adapt to ANYONE yep u heard it… ANYONE’S style. Poor pacman is Gonna get ROCKED!!! by the way whoever wrote this article needs to learn alot more about boxing before running his mouth about something he obviously knows NOTHING about! Money mayweather all day!!!!

  19. O yeah…..Mayweather didnt have a belt u moron….(looks at ricardos response) Look at people Mayweather has beaten…then say he hasnt fought anyone…You must be to young to remember all 41 of them….theres a hand full if not more boxing hall a famers on that list of 41

  20. The guy that wrote this is an idiot. Mayweather didn’t duck Pacquio; he asked for a blood test. Pacquio didn’t want to get one, claiming, “Blood test weakens me.” It was a bull shit excuse. Mayweather’s camp rightly wanted proof that Pacquio wasn’t doping up. Their camp even pushed back the blood test request for a week before the fight, but Pacquio’s camp still declined. Again, claming, “Blood test weakens me.”

    Mayweather wasn’t the one ducking the fight. Either Pacquio got something to hide or he knew he’d get knocked the f*** out!

  21. “Money” beat “Sugar”. Money WILL beat “Pacman”. Do you remember Cotto vs Pacman? Pacman beat Cotto, yes, but when Cotto was hurt, he fought defensively…back peddled, stayed out of range, and do you remember what Manny did? He threw his hands up and motioned for Cotto to stand and fight him. He then started throwing more punches (alot of Misses) but eventually finished Cotto off. When Mayweather does the same, Pacman will do the same, get frustraded, charge ahead, but “Money” will pick him apart, and will KNOCK HIM OUT in the last rounds. Remember, PACMAN just started to be a thinking fighter over his last four fights…he is a Natural brawler. His frustrations will cause him to fall off his game plan and he will lose, guaranteed. I like PACMAN; have seen all of his fights, and have always rooted for him, but vs. Mayweather, he will lose!

  22. To LOLPeople: You laugh through all of your post but we ALL are laughing at you. Mosley IS NOT a Big payperview fighter…he was not the draw for this fight… Mayweather was! And the steroid comments…they are not excuses. You dont know boxing dude…can u f—–g shut up!

  23. Actually, I think Mayweather’s camp gave him two weeks prior to the fight to test. If you are the great fighter that you proclaim to be, a drug test shouldn’t be an issue. Take the blood test and get into the ring! What’s the problem? What medical evidence do you have that a blood test will weaken you? How much blood do they take anyway? It’s not like your giving a donation for a blood drive. You got two weeks to recover. How about if the Mayweather camp does the same thing? Would there be a problem then? If you have nothing to hide take the test and step into the ring. He’s waiting for you PacMan!!!

  24. The Author who published this obviously doesn’t like floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is not dodging pacman. He obviously has something to hide because he wont take the blood test. If pac man was clean he would take the test as sugar shane agreed to. Look at his fights with Oscar de la hoya and ricky hatton how his body dramatically increased in muscle mass. It is impossible to gain that much muscle in such a short amount of time. and look at his last fight with joshua clottey. same weight but look at his muscle mass. he was much smaller..also his performance wasnt as great either. He simply won because he was the only one throwing punches but he couldnt knock him out or simply hurt him. Pac man was the one fucked up in the face. Now i am indicating that that pacman is on some kind of performance enhancing drug but if you have nothing to hide why not just simply take the test and get the fight over with? As for the Author i think your a bias piece of shit who shouldnt even have a job writing articles. IF the fight ever happens between pac man and mayweather and pretty boy floyd once again proves hes the best pound for pound, youre simply going to make excuses. that is how much of a bitch coward i bet you are.


  26. Mayweather win the figth because Mosley is older. Compared to Pacquiao Gayweather only fought 41 and Pacman has more than 50 fights. If Mayweather has same number of fights with Pacman, do you think he is still undefeated. And those 41 fighters who fought Mayweather were cherry picked. Now, Mayweather will find a way again to duck Pacquiao, like ramdom testing, sharing of money. Mayweather is a trash talker and should not be admired by young people and he is not a good example. But we cannot avoid it. If Pacman vs Mayweather will happen, Pacman will win. And Mayweather will experience his first knock out. If he is not going so defensive, he will be knocked out. That’s his style that is why it is boring to watch him fighting. It will be more exciting for him to fight Pacman because Pacman is a offensive fighter and has a good defense with a viscious two hands.

  27. I don’t understand why people keep saying Mayweather is the coward..it was Pacquio who duck the fight….because of some fictitious reason. if he claiming, “Blood test makes him weak then the blood test will also make Mayweather weak as well ,hence even fight! Pacquio (which i happen to like as a fighter)unquestionably hiding something. most people don’t like Mayweather because he cocky however he’s good and can back it up. Pacquio is quite and everybody loves that..but face it he punked out of the fight.
    maybe he should be called “” Punkquio “”” LOLz

  28. If Mayweather sticks to his style he will DESTROY the PacMan. Just don’t do a Sugar Ray Leonard & Roberto Duran. Sugar got a little cockie trying to show he could win fighting toe to toe and got off his normal style and LOST. He redeemed himself after that. However, it was a lost nonetheless. Mayweather is an outstanding counter puncher, quick hands, and is strong. PacMan often leaves himself open while throwing all his punches. He is a good and couragous fighter and I wouldn’t count him completly out. He’s in the ring, he has a chance…. but he doesn’t have the skills, agility, speed, and defense as a Mayweather. Mayweather to win.

  29. mayweather is just a pussy plan and simple…. thats why he doesnt fight pac… hes a bitch fighter and the only reason he wins is cause he picks shitty opponents or picks aged fighters instead of the logically match up, pack!! he cant beat pack and thats y he will never fight him.. if he ever fights him, it will be because hes getting 200 million for the fight and if he loses, he will just retire and say he hands hurt again….. i know this, because i know the kind of fighter he is, i have been around the fighting industry for years and what mayweather does, isnt fighting… its pussy shiit..

  30. Mayweather,Hopkins are the best of today, dont be bias lets face facts match the fighters with manny and with money and I am sure that you will come up with the answers for yourself, lets get real people know your fellowman and appreciate him for what he is wake up and smell the coffee the truth will reveal right in from of you eyes once the promoters make it happen very soon. (Nuff Respect).


  32. Uragon, and all you other haters… Get a life! Just say it. You’re a “May”weather HATER! So PacMan had 9 more fights. Good to know you have a talent for math. But it is quite obvious you don’t know jack-squat about boxing. Boxing includes defensive skills as well as punching. Duhhh! That is ANOTHER reason why Mayweather is the best of the best. If he was ducking anyone, WHY would he come out of retirement?? Duhhh! Yeah he talks trash but he backs it up. If he was like you want him to be you’s love him. Just say I don’t like his mouth but he is the greatest fighter out there and if PacMan was a Man he’d step up, take his test, and fight. Who is really making excuses?

  33. i feel like a winner as a fan looking at two big strongs black men sweating and moving in that ring….mmmmmmm….i be like to be watching, they be good athletes, and they be looking scrumptious….and bring on that cute filipino, i like asian food, too…party in the ring….wish i could have been the corner man…holla

  34. gayweather asks for drug test because he cant believe the pacman strength himself,yeah why not take the drug test after?its the same, and if pacquiao was proven to be doping, hail to gayfloyd and then all u losers will stop talking about how great a “running-from-opponent-style-defense”floYD is, if he wins and pac is doping!lol, bring it on the pac vs gay fight and settle all the talks!

  35. Mayweather = THE GREATEST OF ALL
    Mosley = GOOD BOXER
    whoever wrote this article = MAJOR HATER., STOP HATIN

  36. I think it pretty obvious pacman duck the fight.Some people on this blog is obliviously boarder line retarded so i don’t expect them to get it.
    where is the scientific prof that withdrawing a minuscule amount of blood makes you weak. lol if the shoe was on the other foot and mayweather was to come up with such excuse he would never here the end of it. yeah i agree there a lot of mayweather haters out there…but he still pound for pound thee champion, so hate on !!!

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