Heat Wave Hits Northeast

Some areas in the northeast are currently experiencing blistering hot weather. Temperature has reportedly exceeded 100 degrees today. To date, at least one casualty has been reported.

A 92-year old woman from Philadelphia, PA was found dead caused by the heat wave. She was found dead at home with the windows open, apparently without air conditioning.

Heat alerts have been sent to some northeastern states with expectations that temperatures will drop in the next two days.

For the meantime, residents are warned not to stay outdoors for too long. Staying in an air conditioned enclosures is advised, as well as avoiding any form of strenuous physical activity that can lead to dehydration.

New York being a densely populated area is prone to more issues with heat wave. Cooling centers are currently operational. Citizens can get more help on cooling center information by dialing 3-11.

Power outages are also bound to happen with more demand rising along with the rise in temperature.

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