Heart Monitoring… There’s an App For That

A new system under development holds a lot of promise in the area of monitoring our heart. The Human++ system is a wireless body area network (BAN) that creates a link between our body and Android smartphones. The current version is a dongle with a necklace. The lace is actually a low-powered ECG sensor that reads and interprets electrocardiogram readings and then communicates it to the dongle. The dongle, on the other hand is connected your Android phone via its microSD slot. This enables the system to monitor and track your body, even in real-time. It can even inform your doctor if you having a heart attack through Wi-Fi or 3G.

It is currently limited to Android. Smartphones that have no microSD slot can not interface with the system. Although using a Bluetooth connection is a possibility, systems such as these are required to operate with low power requirements. Bluetooth requires far more power than RF.

IMEC, the Dutch research firm that develops the device received positive reactions when it introduced it to the Wireless Health Conference in San Diego.

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