Health Care Vote Results: Did the Health Care Bill Pass?

Today, March 21, 2010, Americans make another historical event as the largest Health Care Bill will be voted upon.

It is expected that the turnout of votes will be very close given that there are four vacancies in the House since 3 House memebers have resigned while one died bringing the total number of full House of Representatives to 431.  In this fact, Democrats will now need to earn 216 votes in order for the Health Care Bill to be passed into law.

Looking back last year, seven Democrats who voted for a “yes” changed their minds and vowed to vote for a “no”. According to the numbers, with Democrats outnumbering the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Democrats can afford to lose 37 votes.

So what’s the latest update on the Health Care Vote Results? Currently, the House is on its final debate before the final voting for the Health Care Bill. Each of the Republicans’ and Democrats’ representatives are giving their own opinions on this Health Care Bill.

Will the Health Care Bill be passed? MSNBC is having a live stream coverage of the Health Care Bill vote results here.

Meanwhile, you can also view some of the comments and participate in our own little discussion about the Health Care Bill here.

4 thoughts on “Health Care Vote Results: Did the Health Care Bill Pass?

  1. I think it is stupid that they would force healthcare on us. Healthcare is not a right in the Constitution, nor is it a necessity. Food is a necessity, A Car is a necessity to get to work, Water is a necessity, Healthcare is not a necessity, and as I said before, it is not a right in the Constitution. Long Live Liberty, as long as obama doesn’t take it away with his Evil, Communist, Marxist, Fascist, Nazism ways. Long Live Regan, the BEST President the United States of America has ever Had, Have, or Will Have.

    P.S. Tell obama there are 50 states, not 58. P.S.S. Tell him that you pronounce it Marine Core, not the way it looks, Marine Corpse.

  2. I think the Republicans should change their national emblem from an elephant to a sheep. You mean not one Republican thought there was enough merit in the healthcare bill to vote for it? At least some of the Democrats had the guts to stand up and be counted. This may not be a perfect bill, but it is going to move us in the right direction. The Republicans had 8 years to initiate healthcare reform and did nothing, now they are relegated to being obstructionists. Serves em right!!

  3. Cars are not a right in the constitution, fyi. Reagan spelled wrong, by the way. Obviously doesn’t remember the high interest rates we had to pay during his administration. My husband, just out of the USMC,and I had to pay 18% interest to finance our VA mortgage on our little house. The rich, however, appreciated those interest rates since they were living off them on their bonds. We are a third world country in the area of medical care. The insurance companies are the death panels here, deciding if they will cover procedures for people who pay for insurance! Great, huh? Also, as far as societies are concerned, you can’t be both a nazi and a communist. You need to get educated if you want to throw those terms around.

  4. William: You appear to be a completely brainwashed fool, either that or you, yourself are rich. Regan should have been hung, along with every Bush in politics, and you would not see the problems that the States are now in the midst of.

    I feel sorry for you, ignorant bast**d

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