Health Care Reform Bill Summary and Highlights

Obama is campaigning to gather votes for his Health Care Reform Bill. This bill is said to be the largest proposed Health Care Bill since the introduction and Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s.

Dubbed as the Health Care Reform Bill, the passage is seen to have various views from a lot of Americans. Some were pro to it while some were against to it.

For those who are not yet familiar with the Health Care Reform Bill proposed by Obama, here are some of the positive review summary and highlights of it:

– The Health Care Reform Bill proposes a huge expenses by the US Government at around $940 billion to cover all Americans.

– US Government will standardize the health insurance of all Americans with equal benefits for all. They will take advantage of a “wholesale” negotiation to lower the cost of the health insurance premiums.

– It also proposes to give Americans tax credit for those who still cannot avail of health insurance despite its low cost.

– Pre-Existing conditions will now be covered avoiding discrimination.

On the other hand, for those who are familiar with the Health Care Bill Reform proposed, it may also have some negative feedbacks from oppositions which includes:

– There is no statement in the Health Care Bill that states which health insurance firm will the US Government choose leading to a possible bribery of politicians.

– According to some experts, the Health Care Bill is not created equal among Americans. For those people who are making above a certain household income amount, they will not be able to avail of a subsidy from the US government. Instead, they will be the one subsidizing those old people who have poor health.

Anyway, to better understand this Health Care Reform Bill, you can read theĀ  FULL Text here.

Alternatively, you can also view some of the comments about the passage of this Health Care Bill here.

7 thoughts on “Health Care Reform Bill Summary and Highlights

  1. It’s absolutely not true that the health care reform bill currently under review by the House “standardizes health insurance for most Americans” (as stated above). It will not effect the health plans of most Americans, except hopefully, eventually, to slow the increasing costs that threaten our ability to have and afford the plans in the first place.

    Please fact check this article against more reliable sources. It’s disgusting that this source pretends to be presenting fact when it’s bias is so clear. Interesting that the article implies the bill is a descendant of Medicare, a GOVERNMENT run program hailed as enormously successful at helping seniors enjoy a decent standard of living. It too was controversial at its inception, but few would want it overturned now. Why are we so scared of change?

    And a clear tip-off to a bogus source: no command of English grammar. My hope is that after reading phrases like “some were against to it” and “Bill proposes a huge expenses” (2nd & 3rd paragraphs above) you, like me, realized the source can’t be trusted & stopped reading (if the person can’t formulate a correct sentence, c’mon, do they really know what socialism is or is it a term they throw around for a scare tactic!).

  2. In all the discussion by both media and government representatives I have heard NO discussion of what this legislation will do to insurance premiums around the country.

    Is there language in the bill restricting or regulating health insurance premiums? (Remember airline regulation?)

    In my state of Florida where I was an insurance agent for more than 30 years, every time the Florida legislature mandated coverage additions to policies like well-care for children and adults or mamograms for women (all excellent additions)there was a corresponding premium increase OR carriers exited the health inurance market in the state.

    I don’t understand how this bill will stabilize or reduce premium costs. I would like to see a journalist do a truely in-depth report on the issue of premium control under the proposed legislation. I would like to hear the opinions of health insurance carrier executives. How many and which insurance companies will just exit the health insurance business?

  3. Democrats did NOTHING to solve our healthcare crises for the entire EIGHT YEARS they were in charge. Why? Because they want to have NOTHING done on this issue. It’s not a matter of starting over, it’s a blatant attempt to make sure NOTHING is done.

  4. I have a son living at home and not attending any formal educational program. He is 20 years old.. the question is, is he covered under my insurance provider if this bill gets passed and up to what age.

  5. I am retired and am 63 years old.. in two years i will receive my medicare wife is 58 and not working and therefore no coverage. Under the health care package, can my wife and I obtain coverage prior to us reaching 65?

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