Happy Administrative Professionals Day 2010 to all Secretaries

Today is Administrative Professionals Day 2010. This is the day of all employees working as secretaries and administrative assistants. CEOs, managers, supervisors, and other people should give thanks to their hard working secretaries and executive assistants in this day.

In celebration of Administrative Professionals Day 2010, many CEOs and managers will treat their secretaries. They will either give them gifts, lunch or diner buffets, or an extra time off their work to spend it with their leaved ones.

According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), which aims to recognize achievements, set standards, and provide networking, educational, and professional development opportunities for those pursuing careers in the office administration field, bosses should use this special day for administrative professionals to provide them with further education by having trainings and seminars to advance their careers.

Let’s remember all give thanks to all our admin staffs this day. Their work might not be that hard compared to others but they have their own contributions in the success of our business and of our lives in general. Salute and kudos to all secretaries!

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