Half and Half Reviews of Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is out in the cinemas already.  The main question here is did the Alice in Wonderland movie by Tim Burton live up to the hype’s expectations?  The movie has a star-studded cast but some critics commented about something lacking from their acting.  The viewers who have already seen the movie would say that the graphics and the cinematography are really great.

Other movie reviewers state that the movie got really predictable and lacked enough twist.  The movie critics say that they tried to make sense out of the non-sense story that it was supposed to be.  Although, some of the dialogues in Alice in Wonderland may hold deep and true insights about life itself.

The bottom line for this movie is that critics are half and half.  Half liked it, half think it lacks something.  In rotten tomatoes, it has received a score of 61% which is a bit low from everyone else’s expectations. Good or bad reviews, people will still watch this movie.  Like the famous quote in the movie “curiouser and curiouser,” we all are just as curious on how the movie will go.

2 thoughts on “Half and Half Reviews of Alice in Wonderland

  1. i have absolutely adored the movie , i think jhonny was simply amasing! i liked the “bit -twisted” script,it’s the second movie from tim burton that i see and i must say i really liked them both. (the first was a bit bloody , but i enjoyed the light and the acting a lot)

  2. i thought the movie was very good and the detailing defiantly lived up to my expectations. Many of us whom have read the book were confused on why the queen of hearts from the first book of lewis carrol’s series was mixed with the red queen in the second book. Of course this movie was not as out-of-it as most Tim Burton movies are it was still a great book. People need to understand that there is some people who read a book and want the movie to be exactly word for word like the book, but there are also people who want the movie of a book to be a bit different. This movie fits right in between those two descriptions.

    thank you

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