Half and Half Reactions on Twilight Saga: Eclipse Review

People were not really expecting a lot from this movie whether they are fans or not.  The first two movies in this series didn’t give much “wow” factor except for the dashing and stunning actors.  Girls literally were swooning over Edward Cullen’s first appearance in the movie.  The girls’ attention switched to Jacob Black in the second installment New Moon.

On the third installment, Eclipse was overall a better movie than the previous ones.  Apart from seeing Edward sheepishly smiling a lot on the movie, Jacob’s top bod was more exposed in this film making the girls in the cinema squeal.  Apart from the looks of the actors, the flow of the movie and the acting were improved.  The story line also got touching as the two enemies stand together to capture Victoria and her army.

One thing that got a lot of people disappointed is the kindergarten dialogue saying the dialogues of the characters were like stolen from a little kid’s diary.  Apart from the cheesy lines, the movie had more action scenes and cooler ones.

Have you watched the Eclipse movie yet?  If so, let us know in your own way, what you think of the movie.

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