Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010 to be Contained by Dome Structure

U.S officials have already approved to the controlled burn protocol in order to protect the wetlands of ouisiana. Ecologically fragile coastlines apart from Louisiana like Florida, Alabama and Mississippi may encounter the oil spill if not contained.

Tom Atkenson noted that the growing 965km oil spill circumference needs immediate action. Early attempts of robotic submarines that went 1500 meters under the seabed failed to stop the oil spill by capping two leaks in a riser pipe.

Rear Admiral Landry confirmed that the efforts were not successful, and if the situation will not be secured, it will be one of the most significant oils spills in the history of the United States along with the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill.

US Coast Guard Prentice Danner mentioned that they also plan to make a huge dome to contain the oil spill, which the first of its kind that’s similar to the construction of cofferdams are planned to be placed over the leaks in order to spot the oil from spreading 1,000 barrels of oil daily.

3 thoughts on “Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010 to be Contained by Dome Structure

  1. These spills “come with the territory”. Everybody enjoys their SUV’s and their Cool Daddy Air Travel and Cruise Ship Vacations.

    Well, this is one of the costs Baby!!! It’s here, It’s queer, get used to it!!

    Oil Spills Are Us!!!

  2. Way to go you brainless humans (animals with an ego).
    The rest of wildlife suffers (animals with way less ego).
    Clean up your minds…and the quit pooping in your own home.

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