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Greyson Michael Chance Sings “Paparazzi” of Lady Gaga Video

November 29, 2015 by · 4 Comments 

The 12-year old, 6th grade boy wonder, Greyson Michael Chance, sang Paparazzi of Lady Gaga during their recital in school. His Youtube video of this performance has already hit more than 1 million views. He became the latest sensation now in the world wide wide. During their recital, the emcee has told everyone that Chance could “teach Lady Gaga a lesson.”

“I am very inspired by Lady Gaga and Augustana. Lady Gaga is a freak but she has so much talent and her style of music is what I would like mine to be when im older. Augustana is one of the most underated bands I think ever to step the planet. They have so much talent it is not funny. They have such a good concept with folk and rock. It is very sad that they are so unknown.” Chance explained.

Here is a video of Greyson Michael Chance’s rendition of “Paparazzi”:

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4 Responses to “Greyson Michael Chance Sings “Paparazzi” of Lady Gaga Video”
  1. Carlos Morini says:

    Great performance and amazing voice control! Reminds me of a similar current talent in India: Yatharth Ratnum ( and Misha Puntov in Russia (

  2. Aidan Cole says:

    Act now, eighth grade girls, before he turns thirteen and realizes your rapidly developing female bodies do nothing for him.


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