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Google vs China: Unresolved Issues and Back-to-Back Condemnations

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Up to this moment, the war between China and Google is unstoppable. Each side defending its own principles. No one withdraws judgement. Two huge names in the world are now heating up. China is known to be a huge country having huge industry and has continued huge developments. Google on the other hand, is a huge multinational public cloud computing and Internet search technologies corporation.

10 years ago, these two huge names are working smoothly hand-in-hand. Each has been contributing to each other’s developments. Not until mid-months of last year wherein China blocked some Google online services. January of this year, Google announced that it is no longer willing to censor searches in China and may pull out of the country. A month after, there has been a traced hacking attacks from mainland China. This month, the internet company has been redirecting searches to its Hong Kong-based site.

The war between the two is heating up as time pass by. China condemns Google of what it has been doing to them because basically it has violated its written promise it made when entering the Chinese market by stopping filtering its searching service and blaming China in insinuation for alleged hacker attacks. This was according to an official in the Chinese government office.

Google on the other hand is not totally the villain in the picture because even in Beijing, there been passers-by who are laying flowers in their office thanking them for standing firmly to its principles. Even though the company would be losing a lot for this, they continued what they are doing.

Google’s Peter Barron said that decision over business in China is “about censorship and human rights and not revenues”.

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