Google Today: The Google Logo Video on Google Balls

Google Today: The Google Logo Video on Google Balls – Our fellow correspondent, Jim wrote earlier about the astonishing Google Logo featuring Google balls on Google today, September 7, 2010. The funny thing is that not everyone have seen the featured Google Doodle. This made us wondering why does it seem that it seen selectively.

Some said that perhaps some of the browsers that browsed Google and try to see the Google balls on Google Doodle were not equipped with HTML5, but what is HTML5?

According to our reliable online source, Wikipedia

“HTML5 is currently under development as the next major revision of the HTML standard. Like its immediate predecessors, HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1, HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. The new standard incorporates features like video playback and drag-and-drop that have been previously dependent on third-party browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Google Gears.”

It might seem that this feature of the Google Doodle might be a test of the browser capabilities of HTML5 and Google might be one of the major companies that is supporting the development of HTML5.

So far we have received positive comments from our readers based on their reactions to the article, “Google Logo September 7 2010: New Google Doodle HTML5 Balls

We also have scouted a YouTube video featuring the Google Ball which was uploaded earlier. For those who have not seen what we are talking about regarding the Google balls on Google today check this Google Doodle video.


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