Google Recognizing Chuck Norris’ Awesomeness

Chuck Norris Facts and Memes have been common in the internet pertaining to Chuck Norris’ awesomeness.  Google did not fail to recognize this and as a matter of fact, you will see it in their results.

Don’t even dare try looking for Chuck Norris on Google… Don’t you even try Googling Chuck Norris’ name… for Chuck Norris can’t be Googled and you can’t find Chuck Norris.  He finds you.

If you still want to know where is Chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky, earch for “Find Chuck Norris” on Google.  Then, hit “I’m feeling lucky.”

Find out for yourself what you will get 😛

In the meantime, here are more evidences to Chuck Norris’ Awesomeness.

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