Google Logo September 7: Google Boucing Balls Doodle Puzzles Users

Google Logo September 7: Google Boucing Balls Doodle Puzzles Users- Although it is not being used in all of Google’s sites worldwide, people are surprised to see the Google Logo today, September 7, 2010 on Google Homepage. Apparently, it once again an interactive Google Doodle just like the recent Google Doodles on Pacman and the most recent Buckyball featured on homepage of Google.

People are searching everywhere and trying to decode the Google Logo hidden message on Google’s homepage. Speculations have risen as to what could probably be the reason for the unique Google Logo today September 7 on Google homepage. Most people point it to the celebration of the the anniversary of Google this September. However, a Google spokesperson have already claimed that it has nothing to do with Google’s birthday saying: “Today’s doodle is not related to a birthday but is fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be.”

We have posted an article before and many had confirmed that they have seen the Google Balls on Google homepage today, September 7. Most of the people who saw it were also surprised and said that they had fun with the latest Google Doodle Logo.

So what is the  hidden message behind Google’s logo today, September 7, 2010 if not for Google’s birthday celebration this September 2010? One possible reason is the eagerness of Google to push HTML5 and CSS3, and its Chrome browser. The Google Logo today September 7 is in fact, composed of pieces of a web page, each using a modern form of web coding called CSS3  or“Cascading Style Sheet” elements. Perhaps this is the reason why Google designed their logo on their homepage today.

Since this particular Google Logo is not present in all Google sites worldwide, here is a quick view on today’s Google logo as featured in Google Homepage below:


9 thoughts on “Google Logo September 7: Google Boucing Balls Doodle Puzzles Users

  1. Thanks very much for your explnation and image. I’d already saved the original with Snipping Tool, but had to get more white border space because of the interactivity. Your static version is more economical. Thanks!

  2. I serched for Quantum Physics (look it up; it is interesting and pertains to what happens with the google balls). Then I seached for quantum Google. The first page of the search was: ‘Google demonstrates quantum computer image search’. I bet they have something interesting to reveal.

  3. Idk how many know this, but it’s interactive to what music you’re playing. If you don’t have music playing in iTunes, and you leave your pointer in the middle of the logo, they’ll snap back to saying Google. If you DO have music playing, they’ll bounce to the beat. I don’t know how I figured that out, but… yeah.

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