Google ends Standoff Against China as License Renewed

This is such a great news! Finally Google and China surpassed the turmoil that they’ve been through. We are aware that both giants need each other to further develop what they’ve got for everyone.

“We are very pleased that the government has renewed our [Internet content provider] license and we look forward to continuing to provide Web search and local products to our users in China,” said Google on its blog.

It was Friday when Google has announced that the Chinese government has renewed their license to operate in their country. This would also mean that internet giant is also ending their standoff against their censorship. However, Google has been saying that no censorship concessions has been made. “I don’t think we gave anything up, We asked the government to renew our license to make some products that don’t require any censorship. We are going to continue to offer uncensored Web search with” said Google spokeswoman Jessica Powell.

The company could continue to operate in the communist country with the renewal of their ICP license, despite its penchant for censorship of Web material. Without an ICP license, Google said it “would effectively go dark in China.”

It was just last week when the search engine giant has decided to stop its system of automatically redirecting users of the Chinese site,, to its Hong Kong search engine, Chinese government doesn’t like it at all. It you’ll try to figure it out, Google has the control of the situation and China would be losing a lot more if they are not going to renew their license.

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