Google Doodle September 7 on Google Homepage Today: What Does It Tell?

Google Logo September 7 2010 on Google Homepage Today: What Does This Google Doodle Mean? – For some they have seen a Google Logo which seems to be some kind of balls.  The balls disintegrates and then re-arranges to form the Google logo.  However, some saw only the normal Google Logo,  so what is the Google Doodle for September 7, 2010?

The new Google Doodle had been seen by some of our readers and even contributors.  We are not sure however what it is because not everyone has the chance to see the Google Doodle.

The said Google Doodle is said to allow you to chase after DHTML balls which regroups to write the word Google. Google had celebrated it’s anniversary last September 4, 2010 and Google was first publicly launched on September 7.

Some observers say that the Google Logo for September 7 might be symbolizing a celebration or an upcoming big event from the number one search engine in the planet.

In any case those who have seen it definitely had a fun way to kill time and play with the small balls. Interactive Google Doodle like this adds fun in browsing Google and makes people stay on Google’s main page for a longer period of time.

Have you seen the Google Logo for September 7 2010? Share us what you saw and how you reacted.

28 thoughts on “Google Doodle September 7 on Google Homepage Today: What Does It Tell?

  1. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and fun! Been playing around with it for a couple of minutes. At first I thought I would be able to click one of the circles for some sort of easter egg explaining the logo, but I guess it’ll stay a mystery.

  2. I thought it was neat. It’s interesting the difference in the appearance between Chrome/IE. IE seems to ignore the size of the balls, where Chrome gave me really big balls to play with ..

  3. Yeah I see the logo balls as well. Everytime I move my mouse so the pointer can hover over the logo the balls scatter.

  4. Awesome logo – works on chrome(ium) + Firefox but not Opera browser. Don’t know about IE. If it’s done in html it’s very impressive and so quick to load it makes flash look retarded.

  5. I shit my pants. And then I was mad that I couldn’t click on them to figure out what it was. And then I instantly Googled “Google logo September 7, 2010” and found nothing. Then I texted my boyfriend, who lives in Cleveland, and asked him to go look at it and he said all he saw was the normal logo. So then I went and watched some Pawn Stars on Hulu, and then I came back to Google, re-Googled ‘Google logo’, and was brought to this page, where I was disappointed to not get that much information about it. But nonetheless, it’s good to know that I wasn’t just losing my mind for a few minutes. So thanks!

    1. “And then I was mad that I couldn’t click on them to figure out what it was. And then I instantly Googled “Google logo September 7, 2010? and found nothing.”

      Ahahaha, I exactly did the same thing!!

  6. I love todays Google logo! It’s always a new thing and it gives me one more reason as to why I <3 Google! 🙂 Favorite search engine!

  7. It looks like a browser+javascript demonstration done a few months ago. So if it’s not announcing tech, my guess is it’s a nice tech-trendy celebration of Google’s anniversary. 😀 I love seeing something like it w/o Flash!

  8. yeah I saw today’s doodle and I just loved it 😀 I tried to catch one of those balls but they just scattered. I just came to my office and these cute balls made me feel so pleasant.

  9. Hah. It’s a bunch of DIVs flying around, and each dot is nothing more than a monospace period “.” at 100pt font, being scaled around and moved in the document.window space (not even with a matrix transforms). They’re not randomly generated, they correspond to a starting array with fixed home positions (really? best solution, goog?) It’s a one-time-use gag. Why write code that way?

    Does this even work in IE <=7? Certainly wouldn't work if you wanted each particle to be an image or, heaven forbid, actually change shape over time.

    Here's how the supposed power of HTML5 is a sham. Running this screen in Chrome sucks up 50% of one 2.13 Ghz Intel Core2 chip. The same thing with twice as many particles that mutate and fade would take under a quarter of that power in Flash. And be reusable. They can't build a framework on this because it would be too slow, especially if it had to work in IE.

  10. It was so strange! I saw it on Chrome for Mac. Extremely funny!
    Great job. I thought I was mad cause I couldn’t click on it.

  11. I was surprised! I spent a moment trying to figure out what the celebration was for, and then just wasted a minute or two playing with it. Then I had to call home to see if they could see it too – they couldn’t. It’s still loaded and I go back to play with it every 10 minutes or so. *Hee* Love it.

  12. Just discovered another trick. (I am using safari for mac) Grab the top of the browser window as if you are going to move it to the other side of your desktop but shake the window and the balls shake in corresponding motion. Very impressive, Google.

  13. Gaahh… and now there’s one for Sept 8, too… It’s a Google written in chrome(get it?) and when you type in the search box, it makes each of the letters light up their color. Just try it out.

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