Google Commemorates Josef Frank’s 125th Birthday

Google Commemorates Josef Frank’s 125th Birthday – Another Google Doodle is presented in Google’s homepage right now. Apparently, it’s the way Google commemorates Josef Frank’s 125th birthday.

Josef Frank was one of the famous Austrian architects and interior designer during his time. He was known for his numerous architectural designs when he worked for Svenskt Tenn design company for which he played a key role in the company’s showing at exhibitions in Warsaw and Prague in 1938 and the international Paris Exposition des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne 1937, New York World’s Fair of 1939-40, and Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco of 1939. In fact, with his excellent architectural designs, he won the Grand Austrian State prize in architecture in 1965.

Josef Frank was instrumental in the propagation of artistic innovation in the early 20th century. Some of his architectural works include interior of the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne in 1910, design of Viennese apartment buildings from 1921 to 1924, etc.

Some of his famous words in his architectural designs include:

“An ornament must be a game, otherwise it is bad and offers the onlooker no peace.”

“A monochrome surface is tiring; the more ornamentation, the more calming is the effect.”

“In a home, modern rooms have white walls; that is the only chance one has to retain one’s freedom within it, and to introduce in it whatever one wishes. Against a white background one can let colors and patterns flourish; white beckons that which is beautiful and shuts out the trivial.”

Happy 125th Birthday Josef Frank! Thanks for all your contributions in the world of architecture.

6 thoughts on “Google Commemorates Josef Frank’s 125th Birthday

  1. Just got on, google as usual, I just love this art, and other things google gives us for a nice surprise, and some nice history and reference to link to , finding out who the artist is/was….. ( normally I’m a total wad, but this stuff puts me in a nice peaceful state ..actually I’m not a wad at all, don’t know why I said that!…)

  2. It would have been nice of them to commemorate Bastille Day yesterday, since that is an event that has had worldwide influence. Interesting that they did not last year either….

  3. I really don’t see what the big deal is with this man. When I looked at those pictures of Frank’s design imprinted on those chairs, I could’ve sworn I was looking at just another piece of ugly furniture that came out of Pier 1. Speaks volumes about his artistic ability.

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