Google Android Phone vs. Apple iPhone

The talk of the town is here. It’s Google Android Phones vs. Apple Iphone on the latest comparison of smart phones. It’s been a while since we last saw Google’s Nexus One phone released. It was anticipated by a lot of people to be a tight competitor of Apple iPhone.

In a head to head combat, each smart phone has both its advantage over each other. Apple iPhone has a better memory capacity than Google Android Phones. Google’s Android Phone presents itself with just 192MB of internal memory capacity in contrast with Apple iPhone’s probably maximum memory upgrade of up to 32 GB.

However, Google’s Android Phone has some built in features that Apple iPhone don’t have. For one, there is an offline integration with Google Apps. Not only that, it has also a built in compass and GPS which can determine which way you’re facing and give you Google Maps StreetView images.

With the latest battle between operating systems of both Apple iPhone and Android Operating Systems, it seems that the market share of Google’s Android Smart Phones are now climbing over Apple iPhone.

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  1. I had to check the date on this article to make sure it wasn’t 5/1/2009…Interesting/poor choice of phones to represent Android. How about the HTC Incredible? 1Ghz processor, 8GB of memory, microSD slot, etc.

  2. What? Thats presently the oldest Android phone on the market – replace that old G1 with the Google Nexus 1.

  3. Um… I clicked over to this “article” to have a good in-depth read on detailed differences between the iPhone and Android Phones. What I got instead was a brief and very vague view of basically ONE single point of difference — the memory capacity?! — Actually this isn’t really a difference, since Android phones use micro SD cards for their storage which makes them expandable up to 32 gb, thus matching the iPhone’s non-expandable memory tit for tat.

    Also, one needs to consider the cost of apps used on either device. On one hand, the iPhone is a highly-controlled closed-source OS, which allows Apple to retain tight grasp on exactly what apps are allowed on said phone. Also, the apps cost considerably more money than the apps on its counterpart, Android phones as a whole.

    Android phones run on a linux-based (completely open-source OS), which means a much greater variety of apps at drastically lower (and usually free of charge) prices.

    I personally have used both devices. While I appreciated the iPhone’s sleekness and style, that’s about as far as it went for me. I did not enjoy the closed OS, which continually forced me to refer to the “App Store” to pay for desired apps. I also found that the iPhone has a nonuser-replaceable battery, meaning that once your battery stops holding a charge, you get to send your device into apple for a replacement.

    With Android devices.. since the OS is open-source, apps can be downloaded from any source desired, widely opening up the possibilities for variation and customization. Also, the battery *is* user-replaceable and upgradeable for that matter. Typically an Android phone will ship with a 2 gb micro SD card installed. But with the low cost of flash memory these days, it is quite affordable to upgrade to a 16 gb or even a 32 gb card.

    Keep in mind that my implied opinions in my comments are just that — opinions. Don’t take my word for it, Give BOTH devices a fair and objective chance and see what you think.

  4. The memory listed in this article is incorrect.
    The iPhone 2g and 3g only have 128mb available for app execution and the 3gs has doubled that.
    It does have much more internal memory storage than the android.


  5. First, if you are talking about the Nexus One you have to mention that it has micro SD card support for additional storage, something Apple refuses to support. Also the removeable battery means you can easily replace a dead battery without having to replace the unit like the iPhone.

  6. Apple sucks & so does AT&T. They lock everything up in the iPhone and charge users a very high fee. Plus the network sucks. I ditched my iPhone since I got too many failed calls/dropped calls.

  7. Is this journalism? You covered ONE PHONE that’s not even the best phone on the Android platform. And you finish with “With the latest battle between operating systems of both Apple iPhone and Android Operating Systems, it seems that the market share of Google’s Android Smart Phones are now climbing over Apple iPhone.”

    Great “conclusion”. Please, go find a job writing books for morons.

  8. R2D2 here,

    The meteoric rise of the Droids has very little to do with Jobs & Apple’s arrogance. Although I thank them for it because it only allows my Droids to gain traction even faster. I predicted that we would be the downfall of Palm. See, now that has happened. Droids will be everywhere in your world in less than three of your earth years. I have Hans scheduled to make another drop shipment in two of your earth days then jump back to hyperspace to fill an order on Tatooine.
    The Force is with us.

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