Google 9/7/2010: A Psychological Google Test on Users?

Google Logo September 7, 2010 – The Google Logo which many had seen at the Google homepage created the most trending topic in Google search yesterday. Around 6 to 8 of the top 20 trending topics are about the Google logo for September 7, 2010.

The Google Doodle featured at the Google homepage, September 7 features an array of balls forming the Google logo and disintegrates upon mouse interaction. The disintegrated balls then rebuilds itself back to the original Google logo after a couple of seconds. You can see the video of the Google 9/7/2010 logo HERE.

Analyzing how Google reacted on queries regarding their Google Doodle for that day, we can deduce that Google is up to something and might be conducting a behavioral test on its users and visitors using the Google Doodle.

Google representatives tweeted and only said, “Boisterous doodle today. Maybe it’s excited about the week ahead…” So what about the week ahead? Here is another clue to what the Google logo for September 7 means. It might just be a preparation for something that Google will launch next week. We wonder what it is though.

“Today’s doodle is fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be,” says Google in its official statement.

The Google Balls in the Google logo seems to be pretty weird and unusual since Google always leaves a trace of information about the Doodle. You can usually click on the Doodle and be redirected to related searches about the topic. This time however, there are no search links and no clues.

Perhaps we should really look out for next week happenings and then see if what they did on September 7, 2010 was worth all the effort.

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