Google 9/7/10: Google Logo on Google Homepage Today

Google 9/7/10: Google Balls and Google Dots on Google Homepage Today – Google homepage today, 9/7/10 features a unique Google logo as its Google Doodle. In the past, Google featured two uncommon Google Doodle in its homepage, namely the Google Doodle on Pacman’s 30th anniversary featured on May and the most recent one was the Buckyball Google Doodle featured just last week.

So what with Google today, 9/17/10? Why is the Google logo like that today? What is Google celebrating for? A lot of speculations have been ongoing between bloggers and Google users right now as they look for possible answers. Apparently, the moving Google dots also known as the “Google Balls” present in Google homepage today, 9/7/2010, is not actually present in all Google sites worldwide.

While most say that the reason for the Google Doodle today pertains to Google’s 10-year birthday celebration which is celebrated this month of September, Search Engine Land said that it’s not related to it after receiving an email from a Google spokesperson. In the past, Google’s birthday was celebrated either on the September 7 (on 2003 and 2004) and on September 27 (on 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008)

So if not for Google’s birthday celebration, what could be the reason for today’s Google Doodle on Google’s homepage? One possible reason is the eagerness of Google to push HTML5 and CSS3, and its Chrome browser as the Google Doodle today 9/7/10 is composed of pieces of a web page, each using a modern form of web coding called CSS3 – “Cascading Style Sheet” elements.

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