Glee Star Lea Michele is a snob

After last week’s polarizing episode of Glee, we’re back on track! The all-encompassing themes that the show has been adopting (hello, home) had been bugging me with their overreaching, but this week’s motif of bad reputations works pretty solidly.

The episode, called ”Bad Reputation,” began with the kids huddled around a laptop watching Sue Sylvester performing Olivia Newton John’s “Physical.” The highlight of last night’s episode? No other than the rendition of Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. But seems like it’s not only onscreen that her character is hated by fellow gleeks,Lea has been accused of being a diva on the set of the hit US TV show.

Michele,is reportedly ‘disliked’ by the cast and crew due to her difficult behaviour when filming the show.

A source told heat magazine: “She’s a snob. She sometimes even refuses to talk to junior staff. If they ask her something, she just directs them to her assistant and walks the other way.”

The insider also told the gossip mag that Michele, who originally shot to fame on Broadway was ‘a bully’ at school, teasing a girl about her hair.

They claimed: “She called her a ‘mop head’…It started out as a nickname she would just use among her friends, but as time passed she started calling her names to her face. One time, she even made the girl cry.”

Michele, has previously stated that she is very similar to her character Rachel…we can’t imagine Miss. Berry ever calling anyone a mop head!

2 thoughts on “Glee Star Lea Michele is a snob

  1. Really you are going back to her high school days where she called someone a name, alret the media.

    She is good friend with many of cast members and hangs out with them regularly.

    Really spreading rumors is really weak..

    Once you get a little fame people just have to knock your down, so sad.

  2. I agree with Frank. they have to go so low just to find some dirt on her. seriously. her co ctars and her r all great friends. and she admits that she is somewhat like her character so leave her alone

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