Glee: Feels like Home

Glee has been rolling since they have been back from their hiatus but all happiness must come to an end. Last Wednesday’s episode was totally different.Well compared to the prior week’s episode the “Power of Madonna”which is so fast-paced and exuberant.

“Home” featured a whole lot of emotional backstory and music unrecognizable to the youth (Burt Bacharach!), making for an hour of television better suited for Internet surfing than actually paying attention.

There were no numerous ballads, no big song and dance numbers, and no use of some of the show’s most entertaining characters: Emma, Puck, Rachel and even Jesse.

It added such depth to the characters. It takes a pretty ambitious show to include four major music numbers while also tackling teen girl body issues and parents struggling with their children’s sexuality.This installment fell into that trap. There was Quinn bonding with Mercedes; Kurt complaining to his father; Finn pleading with his mom; Finn arriving a truce with Kurt’s dad; Will and April sharing their loneliness with each other.

The cast of Glee has been twittering this episode of the show is probably one of the best so far when it comes to the guest star. Putting the Glee spin on Kristin Chenoweth wasn’t just fun for the cast, it really did sound wonderful for the audience as well.

For those that say Glee is silly, take a better look at ”Home.”


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