Giffords Has Been Successfully Moved to Texas Rehab

Giffords Has Been Successfully Moved to Texas Rehab – The doctors treating US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords said that she was transferred from a hospital to a rehabilitation center flawlessly. Dr Randall Friese of Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital in Texas said she had smiled and shed tears on hearing applause from well-wishers.

Giffords has made a steady progress following several rounds of surgery. She was flown from Tucson, the largest city in her Arizona constituency, to William Hobby Airport in Houston on Friday afternoon, from where she was transported to the rehab facility.

The doctors of Memorial Hermann described her condition as spectacular with great potential recovery. The Democratic Congresswoman will undergo extensive rehabilitation in this institution. The doctors said she had moved limbs on her left side and showed good muscle tone, that she was aware of her surroundings and was interacting non-verbally with doctors and family members.

Last week, the Democratic Congresswoman was shot in the forehead in a mass shooting in Arizona. As of now, she continues to recover in hospital.

Since a part of Giffords’ skull has been removed to accommodate swelling on her brain, doctors have fitted her with a helmet bearing the Arizona state flag, at the request of her husband. Despite her condition, Giffords appeared to smile and shed tears on hearing applause from well-wishers by the side of the road during the drive from the Tucson hospital to the air from which she flew to Texas.

Meanwhile, the man responsible for the shoot out, Jared Loughner, has been jailed pending trial for the attack in Tucson, in which six were killed and 13 hurt.

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