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Giant Isopod aka Bathynomus Giganteus Was Found!

April 1, 2010 by · 8 Comments 

This is breaking news! Have you heard of a creature named Isopod? Isopods are sea creatures that belong to the species of crustaceans, same as like that of crabs and shrimps.

Accordingly, a giant isopod also known as Bathynomus giganteus, has been seen by people inside a submarine attached to a ship that sank during their journey in the sea. The sea creature is said to be more than 2 and half feet long. With that gigantic size, it resembles some sort of alien space creature.

Almost everyone inside the submarine was astonsihed by this sea creature. They cannot believe in what they saw. Unfortunately, sources say they cannot exactly identify in what sea this giant isopod was found. If you are curious how does a giant isopod aka Bathynomus Giganteus looked like, we have attached a picture on the left.

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8 Responses to “Giant Isopod aka Bathynomus Giganteus Was Found!”
  1. Hope says:

    Is this some kind of photoshopped trick?!

  2. Tim says:

    Actually saw one of these about 15 years ago in Tampa. It was dead however and washed up on the beach. I refused to go back in the water though after seeing it. Was the ugliest and scary looking thing I had ever seen in person.

  3. wesley says:

    Apparently it’s no hoax! This oversized roach was features in MIB remember(jk)…lol

  4. Sterling says:

    I wonder how they taste?

  5. emily says:


  6. Lori says:

    It’s just a giant roly poly (pillbug). Pillbugs are not even bugs they’re crustaceans that live on land. The appendages and how this giant isopod curls up in a ball looks exactly like the pillbug. Not sure why everyone keeps referring to it as a “giant roach” or “see monster.”

  7. whitney says:

    wow thats a big roly poly!And why in the world would you want to know what it taste like!

  8. tess says:

    that’s actually a delicacy in the Philippines specifically in the Palawan Islands. it’s locally called “pitik”.

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