Germany vs Argentina Highlights and Recap (Video)

Nobody expected this but it is true, the Germany vs Argentina match ended 4-0 in favor of Germany. Diego Maradona and his Argentinian squad fail to even score a single goal in their match. It was a match you never imagined could happen to a team like Argentina.

Yesterday it was Brazil and now it was Argentina. Before these matches happen everyone is setting their eye for a battle between Brazil and Argentina but now it would be anybody’s game. The match later today will be the clincher of a very eventful quarterfinals of the World Cup 2010.

Today, I failed with my prediction for I never imagined that Argentina would play so predictable and lame. Yes, I did say lame because they had played lame and very unlikely. Just 3 minutes into the match they already allowed a goal by Thomas Mueller. That is Mueller’s fourth goal in the World Cup.

Then came the 68th minute, Miroslav Klose scored another goal making that his 100th international appearance with a good impression to everyone. The third goal came from Defender Arne Friedrich on the 74th minute and then another one from Klose on the 89th minute.

Before this game Maradona is quoted as saying that England allowed Germany to score too much and did been easy on them. England lost to Germany 4-1. However, if you look at today’s much you would definitely ask if Argentina is really a champion team.

Now, let us analyze, If Germany could beat a team as good as Argentina then we might be seeing the champion of this years World Cup unless something striking would happen again. Germany as the World Cup 2010 champions is likely but this is World Cup 2010 and it is the most unpredictable World Cup ever.

Now here is the video highlight for Germany vs Argentina.


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