Germany and Spain Dispute Second World Cup Finals Spot

The young German team takes on European champions Spain in the second 2010 World Cup semifinals match on Thursday. It is interesting to see how Germany with youth on their side will handle the tough Spaniards in this crucial match.

Germany has so far scored at least four goals in its last two games, relying on speed and creativity. The ploy to field in a young and energetic team must be working for the Germans as they have clearly exceeded expectations. They were not expected to go this deep against a field or tried and tested players but they have proven that they have what it takes to mix it up in the World Cup.

Spain on the other hand has shown toughness during their game with Paraguay. This may yet be their best chance to win the cup coming from their Euro 2008 win.

The powerhouse teams like Brazil and Argentina are gone. Germany seems to have the upper hand as they are favored based on the way they played their previous matches.

The team that will raise the World Cup on June 11 could very well be one of the teams playing in this other half of the semifinals.

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