George Michael Serenaded By Sex Offenders

Singer George Michael, who was sentenced to two months in jail for driving while under the influence of drugs, was said to have had a harrowing first day at Pentonville prison. This was after sex offenders started singing his songs as soon as they came to know he was being jailed there.

Michael, 47, was strip-searched, then put in the sex offenders’ block where he was mocked by inmates screaming out twisted versions of his hits.

He was said to have been escorted to the shower block by the relentless chants of “Guilty George has got no Freedom”.

An inmate was quoted as saying, “As soon as he arrived some of the prisoners burst into a rendition of Freedom…and when he was taken to shower they sang ‘Guilty George has got no freedom’ to the tune of Careless Whisper.”

Michael was said to be wearing a prison-issued tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt but didn’t have any shoes on. Moreover, he is said to be sulking and refused to come out of his cell when the cell doors were unlocked in the morning.

If this doesn’t straighten somebody up out of sheer fear for what might happen to them in jail, then I don’t know what will. It certainly gave me the creeps. The thing is, why was he placed in the sex offenders’ block?

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