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Garmin Recall 2010 Affects Nuvi GPS Units

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Garmin Recall 2010 Affects Nuvi GPS Units – Garmin Ltd., a company that develops consumer, aviation, and marine technologies for the Global Positioning System or GPS has issued a recall because of potential fire hazard. Accordingly, Garmin’s Nuvi GPS devices have defects on their batteries affecting more than 1.25 million of such devices, of which approximately 796,000 units were sold in the United States.

Garmin has identified that the batteries manufactured by a third-party supplier within a defined date code range and that have a specific printed circuit board (PCB) design may overheat in some circumstances which can potentially cause a fire hazard.

Generally, Garmin’s recalled Nuvi devices which include a small subset of the following model numbers: nüvi 200W, 250W, & 260W and nüvi 7xx, where xx is a two-digit number. Garmin strongly urges its customers to go online and to visit Garmin Nuvi Battery Recall to determine if their Garmin Nuvi device is one of the few Nuvi models affected by this recall. In this particular site, clients just need to enter their Garmin’s Nuvi device serial number to for them to know if it is included in the Garmin recall.

Garmin said that in case your Nuvi device is included in the recall, they will replace the battery and insert a spacer on top of the battery next to the PCB before returning it to affected customers free of charge. It is strictly advised for customers not to service their device’s batteries on their own. In case the website above is not accessible, customers can contact Garmin through one of the phone numbers below:

• In the United States and Canada, call (866) 957-1981
• In North America and South America outside the U.S. or Canada call +913 397-8200
• In Europe, Middle East, and Africa, call +44 870 850 1242
• In Asia, call 886/2.2642.9199
• In Australia, call 1800 113 738; and in New Zealand call 0800 427 652

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