Gaming Buzz: The New Pokemon Black and White Starters Pictures of Zorua and Zoroark

Pokemon gained more and more popularity in the U.S. than Japan where it first came from.  People just love animals and pets.  Pokemon is an RPG game mild enough to be played by kids as young as the kindergarten kids and adults as old as 60 but young at heart.  The Pokemon game is definitely made for everyone.  It is like a more advanced “Tamagotchi” where you take care of the virtual pets and train them.  It has been developed in a nice way that entertained the gamers all over the world.

Anyway, the makers of the game Pokemon are releasing a new game.  They will be releasing Pokemon HeartGold (Pokemon heart gold) and Pokemon SoulSilver (Pokemon soul silver).  This will be interesting as there will be new characters.  Two examples of new characters are Zorua and Zoroark. The tagline of this new game is “Every aspect will be reborn innovatively.”

Are you ready and excited for the new release?  What do you think?  Here are  sneak peek preview of the new Pokemon Black and White Pictures:

19 thoughts on “Gaming Buzz: The New Pokemon Black and White Starters Pictures of Zorua and Zoroark

  1. They just keep destroying and destroying the series ever since Sinnoh. Hoenn was alright, but Sinnoh was terrible with the new Pokemon. I really think they should have finished with the Johto or Hoenn and contunued on with the story lines using those Pokemon. The stories were fine, just NO MORE NEW POKEMON!!

  2. silver and Gold are by far the best but i hope this new game lets you go back to other regions like gold and silver….and new pokemon could be alright if they made them cool enough

  3. New pokemon are what keep the game interesting. I got tired of catching weedles and pidgeys all the way back in red. There are a lot of people who want to be die-hard about things staying the same, but change should be embraced. I always love seeing how they change things up.

  4. new pokemon is always a part of new games that interests people. But i seriously hope they add some COOL pokemon not like that stupid beaver pokemon from the ds series, and that stupid squirrel

    1. I completely agree. Johto and Kanto were amazing. Things just went downhill from there. Honestly Bulbasaur is still the best pokemon ever! Besides, all of the new names are also retarded!

  5. no dont make new pokemon. i think 400 is enough. i have a job and dont have the time to finish the games there too long. i think the hoen series was retarded but this is worse it looks like a wevile and mesdrivus and luxray mixed.

  6. I hope this game IS BETTER than Sinnoh.Hoenn,Johto,and Kanto are alright,but Sinnoh messed the whole series of pokemon up.Come on,I would think a Grass/Ground starter fighting his/her rival’s Fire/Fighting starter would be a bad would be closely imppossible to execute a super effective move.

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