Lakers reigned as the 2010 NBA Champions after defeating the Celtics

The game that most of the people in the world has been waiting for is finally here. Game 7 between Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics will be taking place in no time. Surely, web traffics are flooding at this very hour to watch it over online. They were those people who cant make live to the place itself. Lakers vs Celtics Game 7 Live Streaming has been searched by majority of the online addicts of this game.

It’s really hard predict which team will win this time. It’s an obvious home court advantage for the Lakers which has proven an effective factor in winning a game. However, Celtics has been unpredictable, it’s not guarantee that since it’s not going to be played in their place, then they can’t make it. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s all watch the much anticipated game and expect fun and excitement. Stay tune for live updates and result. Game will start 9:00am ET live in ABC and in Staples Center, Los Angeles.

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