Game 6 NBA 2010 Finals: Lakers vs Celtics Game Highlights and Official Results

2010 NBA Finals has been exciting as ever. Both Celtics and Lakers showed to everyone that they truly deserve to be the teams competing in the finals right now. Beating each other is not that easy. That’s the very reason why we are all reaching Game 7.

In fairness to both teams, they’ve got the best players and teamwork is really strong within the. It’s just that in Game 6, Lakers showed greater effort than Celtics. They were able to maintain a no less than 10 point lead in all quarters and ended the game with a 22 point margin. The official final score is 89-67 in favor of Lakers. The team garnered an average of 42% Field Goals and 90% free throws. Bryant has contributed 24 points to astonishing score.

Together let’s watch Game 7 as it happens on Thursday. This wold surely be an exciting game to look forward to.

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