Free iPhone Case to Solve iPhone 4 Antenna Problem

Sounds ridiculous but it has been the solution that Apple has been offering to solve iPhone 4 signal reception problem. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said Friday that all owners will receive free cases to fix the the problem. it was found out that holding a certain spot on the metal band around the edge of the phone leads to interference, causing weakened reception and, sometimes, dropped calls. This free case would cover the edges of the phone thus preventing the problem to occur.

The idea of having this case didn’t please some of its clients as they find the thing making the phone less attractive and untidy.

“We’re not perfect; phones aren’t perfect,” Jobs said. “We want to make all our users happy.” he added. “It’s not like Apple has had its head in the sand on this,” Jobs said. “It’s only been 22 days.” -CNN

Dylan Tweney of reacted to the issue with these words: “From a customer’s point of view, this is a really unsatisfying response, because a lot of people feel like the bumper cases — or cases of any kind — are just not that pretty. They definitely make the phone look less attractive than it does by itself.”

Do you own a defective iPhone 4 and already got your free case? How is your reception with this case on? Feel free to share

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