Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn UFC 118 Results: Edgar Retains Belt With Unanimous Decision

Only a few people gave UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar a chance to retain his belt against former UFC lightweight champ BJ Penn. Their first meeting in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112 was a close unanimous decision win for Edgar. In their first championship match, Edgar used his quickness to land efficient strikes and at the same time stay away from BJ Penn.

The rematch between Edgar and Penn yielded the same results with Edgar scoring another unanimous decision win. What makes this different from their first match is that Edgar clearly won all rounds against Penn. I would score it a shutout, 5-0 in favor of Edgar.

This rematch victory should cement Frankie Edgar’s status as an elite fighter. Only a few gave him the respect that a champion deserves but his win over Penn should validate the fact that Frankie Edgar is for real. He has improved in each fight. His next title defense will most likely be against Gray Maynard, the only fighter who has defeated him.

Maynard is undefeated but with Edgar’s improvement, their future title match would be totally different.

One thought on “Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn UFC 118 Results: Edgar Retains Belt With Unanimous Decision

  1. Penn is a peice of crap. I want my money back, he didn’t even show up for the fight. He had a vacant look walking into the ring, his hands weren’t up during the face-off and he looked liked he was going to fall asleep the whole fight. He really let fight fans down. Maybe he could fight Tank Abbot, it looks like they currently have the same energy level. Whoops Tank is at least energetic for the first round, my bad.

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