Former Singer Michel Martelly As Haiti’s New President

Brennan Linsley: Associated Press
Facing his broken country, the former bad-boy pop star Michel Martelly sworn in as Haiti’s new president. He who used to be a politcal outsider will now become the nation’s leader who would be facing the world’s greatest challenge. This is to raise up the impoverished Haiti that has been devastated by an earthquake last year and perpetually suffering from high rates of illiteracy and unemployment.

Even his inauguration experienced the country’s troubles when electricity went out moments before it started. This had led the world’s dignitaries and guests to fan themselves for the rising heat and it includes former U.S. President Bill Clinton and French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe. The incident flooded the social networking Twitter with posts calling the blackout a “bad sign.” Nevertheless, the ceremony proceeded and Martelly took his oath of office in the middle of the lights of media cameras.

A lengthy Roman Catholic Mass happened before the inauguration and in the afternoon he made his first presidential speech from a temporary stage in front of the collapsed National Palace. His speech was all about his promised change with emphasis on the need to improve public safety to attract investments in the country. “With insecurity, the country cannot work. … Money cannot (stay in the system), which means there isn’t work and the misery is worse,” Martelly said.

Free education to the young Haitians has also been reaffirmed along with an invitation to the international community to come to and invest in the Caribbean nation. He also vowed to end the massive government corruption that has been in Haiti for years. The thousands of hopeful Haitians cheered for him as he delivered the promising remarks.

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