Forbes Rich List: Carlos Slim Helu is now the Richest Man in the World

Gone were the days when Bill Gates always topped the Forbes Rich List as the Richest Man in the World. This time, the latest release of Forbes magazine’s richest persons in the world has Carlos Slim Helu on top of it.

Carlos Slim Helu owns several telecommunications company that includes Teléfonos de México (Telmex), Telcel and América Móvil companies which are mostly focused in Mexico and some other parts of Latin America. His latest networth, according to Forbes magazine is estimated to be US$ 53.5 Billion.

Critics say that Carlos Slim Helu is a monopolist amassing billions of wealth as he monopolized the telecommunications industry in his country Mexico. This is definitely not healthy because he is not giving chance to others as he is killing these small businesses.

With that much wealth, I just hope that Carlos Slim Helu will also donate much of his fortune to charities just like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett did. There are a lot more people who lives in poverty in this world and they need a lot of help. After all, as Catholics say, you cannot carry your fortune in the afterlife when you died.

One thought on “Forbes Rich List: Carlos Slim Helu is now the Richest Man in the World

  1. He invested a lot to get to where heis and i hope he will care much to help the needy. Congrats Mr Helu i believe you worked hard for this. God bless you and the family

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