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Forbes Billionaire List 2010 – 2010 World’s Billionaire Statistics

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Forbes has just recently announced the 2010 Forbes Billionaires List. In this list, 1,011 billionaires are included with a combined networth of approximately US$3.56 Trillion.

We already know that Carlos Slim Helu topped it defeating long time rival Bill Gates. However, what are some of the statistics that you can deduce from this Forbes Billionaires List 2010?

From the Forbes’ List of Billionaires this year 2010, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire at the age of 25 having a networth of US$ 4 Billion while the oldest is Walter Haefner from Switzerland which is 99 years old and has a networth of US$ 3.3 Billion.

Moving on to the citizenship of these billionaires, most billionaires are Americans counting 403. This is followed by China with 64 billionaires, Russia with 62 billionaires, Germany with 53 billionaires, and India with 49 billionaires.

Most billionaires reside in the United States with 396 billionaires. This is followed by China with 70 billionaires, Russia with 56 billionaires, India with 47 billionaires, and Germany with 42 billionaires.

Some of the famous billionaires on this year’s list include Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia ranked 19th, Michael Bloomberg ranked 23rd, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO ranked 33rd, Steve Jobs ranked 136th, Oprah Winfrey ranked 400th, and J.K. Rowling ranked 937th.

Well, looking at the billionaire statistics above, there’s no doubt that United States is the number one economy in the world having the most billionaires in both residency and citizenship.

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