Floyd Mayweather Jr. Apologizes For Rant Video

After absorbing heavy criticism for his homemade video that featured racist and homophobic remarks against rival Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr. issued an apology for all his comments. This is in stark contrast to his persona on the video that was posted on uStream.com. Mayweather said that he was just having fun, even going as far as bringing some Asian friends just to prove that he is no racist as earlier accused.

Yes, Floyd Mayweather Jr. may not be a racist but he is obnoxious, irresponsible and will always be a spoiled brat seeking attention to himself.

He may have apologized but many still believe that he meant everything he said on the video footage. His latest rant against his rival Pacquiao comes when a media tour is ongoing in Texas for a Manny Pacquiao bout with Antonio Margarito.

Perhaps Mayweather could not take the fact that Pacquiao was getting more attention than he was. He has nobody else to blame but himself. Promoters from both camps have tried to put together a super fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather and they have failed twice.

In those two failures, Mayweather demanded Olympic-style blood testing. The second time around, Mayweather denied that any negotiations ever took place.

At 33 years, Mayweather should grow up and show some maturity. The best that he can do is let his fists do the talking or he will lose whatever credibility remains in him.

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