Flock of Blackbirds Died in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve

Flock of Blackbirds Died in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve – As many as 5,000 birds began falling over the small town of Beebe shortly before midnight on New Year’s Eve. On Monday, officials says that fright likely killed thousands of birds which dropped onto a small town in Arkansas.

A state veterinarian George Badley said, “We right now are pretty confident that the trauma is what caused the die-off.”

In addition, a local resident reported that he heard about 20 loud booms Saturday night, which he assumed to have been fireworks or a canon to get rid of nuisance birds. Then, he saw a huge flock of frantic birds when he went outside.

Badley could hear the blackbirds fluttering around. He could hear their wings and he could hear them hitting into things.

Facts show that Blackbirds have poor night vision and they were likely killed because they banged into houses, trees and each other in their fright.

However, the state is conducting further tests to make sure the birds were not poisoned or diseased. It was not a good weekend for wildlife in Arkansas.

Almost 80,000 to 100,000 dead fish were floating in the Arkansas River about 100 miles away from Beebe, a day before the birds were killed, a day before the birds were killed.

Officials believe they were killed by disease because only one species, the drum fish, was affected. The spokesman for the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission, Keith Stephens, said it’s possible that a tornado which whipped through Arkansas and killed three people Friday morning may have had something to do with the bird deaths.

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