Finance Jumps into the 3D Bandwagon: The New 100 Dollar Bills

“Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all” … as the song goes…  Just when we could never get tired of the latest in television, movies and gaming that has transformed into another dimension, the world of Finance also takes advantage with technology and set us out with yet another 3D security feature.

3D technology has been put to the New 100 Dollar Bills ($100) to help against counterfeiting.  This day on Wednesday, the US Treasury unveiled this new bill to be circulated on 2011.  The features of the new 100 dollar bills are 2 main things. First, the 3D blue security ribbon which changes as you move the 100 dollar ($100) bill in different directions.  Also, they put an inkwell that changes from copper to green when tilted.

Amazing new technology can also help us secure finances and act against counterfeiting.  It’s a pretty amazing thing!  What do you think?

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