FIBA World Championship 2010 Results, Schedule and Eight-Finals

FIBA World Championship 2010 Results, Schedule and Final 16 – The FIBA World Championship 2010 enters the Final 16 stage today after China edges other teams in their group by way of goal differential only.

China is fighting basketball without their star player Yao Ming and during the preliminary round they only manage to defeat Ivory Coast, 83-73. Luck is still on their side and thanks to the 3-pointer of Puerto Rican, David Huerta which put China in the eight-finals. If Huerta missed it, Ivory Coast will have the advantage on goal differential since China, Puerto Rico and Ivory Coast each had one win.

Eight teams had been eliminated so far and what is left are the remaining 16 teams. The games in the FIBA World Championsip so far had been thrilling, exciting and full of twists, turns and suspense. So far, Team USA, Turkey and Lithuania are undefeated while Serbia, Argentina, Slovenia and Russia each have one lose. Argentina’s defeat was handed over by Serbia.

From here on anything can happen in the Eight-Finals of the FIBA World Championship 2010. The games today features Spain and Greece at 21:00. These two teams met in the finals game four years ago however, this time only one of them will advance to the next round.

The starter game for the Eight-finals was a battle between two Balkans rivals, Serbia and Croatia. It is expected to be a fierce battle on the hardcoart and only one will emerge triumphant.

The following day will see Slovenia clash with Australia and hosts Turkey take on France, while on Monday Team USA go up against Angola and Russia face New Zealand.

For Team USA, it would be interesting to watch out for Stephen Curry who has worn his first-ever USA jersey after playing for the FIBA U-19 World Championship for Men in Serbia in 2007. Curry had been a major factor in the USA games.

Team USA is under the supervision of coach Mike Kzryzewski and is on a quest for their first ever FIBA World Championship since 1994.

“We have not won the World Championship since 1994 so to be able to have an opportunity to win and bring the gold back to the US is definitely a goal of mine and my teammates,” says Curry.

Here is a highlight of the Team USA vs Iran, September 1F.


Team USA will be up against Angola on Monday, September 6. You can watch FIFA live games at FIBA TV, Solar , and Basketball TV.

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