Fernando Montiel Loses WBC/WBO Titles To Nonito Donaire

World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organization Bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel Jr. (42-2-2) failed to defend both titles against Filipino challenger Nonito Donaire Jr. (25-1) on Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They evenly match up in the skills area. Both are known to be highly skilled with Montiel relying on his lateral movement while Donaire is a boxer who can take advantage of his jabs to set up for more powerful combinations.

Montiel has an impressive record with 34 knockouts out of 44 wins. He has a higher knockout percentage but Donaire has enough power to knock opponents out with 17 early stoppages in 25 matches.

The Filipino boxer has the edge in speed and athleticism. Some of Donaire’s unconventional training activities further enhance continue to enhance movement of his quick-twitch muscles.

Both Donaire and Montiel have great work ethic in training and their superb conditioning has been displayed in the ring so many times. Neither fighter has shown wearing down in the late stages of fights going the distance.

Montiel may have the advantage in experience with 46 fights but Donaire can make up for the lack in experience with his intelligent approach to boxing.

On Saturday night, MontielĀ  and Donaire showed respect for each other in the first round. Donaire played a little more aggressively while Montiel was the more cautious fighter. Both landed some shots, although none was strong enough to be damaging.

Both fighters began to loosen up in the second round. Donaire eventually landed a left hook, a clean power shot, that sent Montiel down. Montiel got back up before the ten-count but Donaire went in for the finish, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Donaire has just become the new WBC and WBO Bantamweight champion. He aims to become the undisputed champion at bantamweight in his next bout.

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